Sunday, September 25, 2022

Mayor Eric Adams Won’t Blame Biden for Role in Migrant Surge But Bashes GOP; Adams Won’t Say if He’ll Sue Fellow Democrat Over NYC Migrant Buses; TX Gov's Office Accuses NYC Mayor of 'flat-out lying' After Considering Legal Action Over Bussed Migrants

Mayor Adams won’t blame Biden for role in migrant surge but bashes GOP:
Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday refused to place any blame on President Biden for the surge of migrants crossing the US southern border — even though a record 13,000 have now been shipped to New York City — many by the federal government and charity groups — as the ongoing crisis continues to escalate.
Adams claimed the influx of migrants being bused to the Big Apple from US border states was just a “political stunt” driven by GOP governors — and not because of the open-border policy the Democrats have been pushing.
“No, I think what we’re seeing in the city is a political stunt,” Hizzoner said when asked how much responsibility the Biden administration bore for the current migrant disaster.
When pressed if the current administration should be doing more at the border to stem the influx of migrants, Adams again deflected blame from Biden, saying: “I think it’s crucial that we coordinate as a country to deal with the asylum seekers and the migrants.”
A record 13,000 migrants have now come to the Big Apple after crossing the southern border as the numbers only continue to surge, Adams said. About 9,500 of those migrants are currently in city shelters, he added. --->READ MORE HERE
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Adams won’t say if he’ll sue fellow Democrat over NYC migrant buses:
Mayor Eric Adams wouldn’t say Monday if he’ll sue to block a Democratic counterpart in Texas from sending busloads of migrants to the Big Apple.
Adams refused to be pinned down one day after revealing that his “legal team is looking at legal challenges with Texas,” where Republican Gov. Greg Abbott last month began relocating thousands of migrants to the city, sparking a heated feud with Hizzoner.
“I didn’t pinpoint any particular place,” Adams said in response to a question from The Post. “We’re looking at all our legal options around this entire event.”
Adams added, “And once we identify what legal actions we’re going to take, we’re going to announce that.”
On Friday, The Post exclusively reported that Democratic El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said that he’d spoken with Adams about his own program to bus primarily Venezuelan migrants to New York City.
Leeser said Adams told him “there is not a community there within New York from Venezuela.”
“But he will welcome them into his community and then work with them to get them to a community where there is, there are peers, so they can continue to be there and that’s really important to him,” Leeser said. --->READ MORE HERE
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