Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Document Outlines Biden Administration’s Plan to Give IDs to Illegal Immigrants; Biden Plan to Give ID Cards to Some Undocumented Immigrants Moving Ahead

Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times
Document Outlines Biden Administration’s Plan to Give IDs to Illegal Immigrants"
A newly obtained document outlines the Biden administration’s plan to give identification cards to illegal immigrants.
The document describes how a pilot program called the “Secure Docket Card” would give some illegal aliens a card with a photograph, counterfeit-resistant security features, and a quick response (QR) code.
The card would replace “the current ad-hoc system” and could save Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) time and resources by enabling officials to more quickly verify an illegal immigrant’s status and help immigrants make it to court hearings, according to the document.
Biden administration officials already confirmed that such a pilot program was being prepared, but the document sheds more light on details on the program, including its scheduled start date and estimated cost.
Key components of the program were slated to begin on Aug. 1, according to the document, including designing the identification card, developing an online portal with information for the immigrants such as court dates, and identifying personnel who will work on the program.
Those components are slated to be completed by March 1, 2023. After that, the plan calls for temporary cards to start being produced in two ICE field offices and permanent cards to start being produced at an unidentified central location.
The program is slated to run through Sept. 30, 2023. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden plan to give ID cards to some undocumented immigrants moving ahead:
The White House is moving forward with a plan to provide temporary ID cards to some undocumented immigrants as they await a decision on their asylum cases.
It’s a program that’s been implemented at the local level for years, including in New York City. A 2015 Ad put out by the mayor's office touted the program,
In it, then-Mayor Bill DeBlasio, D-New York City, said, "IDNYC is the photo ID for all New Yorkers regardless of immigration status," he said.
The plan by the White House to give temporary federal ID cards to undocumented immigrants is moving forward, with the House budget including $10 million to help those immigrants have better access to everything from their immigration paperwork to health care, housing and transportation.
New York had also hoped to expand access to allow about 800,000 thousand non-citizens to vote in local elections, but that law was recently struck down, though similar proposals exist in other cities. --->READ MORE HERE
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