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Catholic Dioceses’ Pronoun, Gender Rules Cheer Conservatives, Sadden Transgender Allies; Axios Criticizes Catholic Church for ‘Alienating’ Drug Dealers, Gays. and related stories

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Catholic dioceses’ pronoun, gender rules cheer conservatives, sadden transgender allies:
An official statement saying its parochial school students will have to conform to the gender with which they were born or leave school has put the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha squarely in the middle of a raging national debate over gender, identity and faith.
At least two other U.S. Catholic dioceses also have issued statements affirming what they say is church teaching on gender dysphoria. The Omaha, Nebraska, document has drawn local attention for its assertion that students who won’t conform to their biological gender may not be “a proper fit” for Catholic school education.
“Students will conduct themselves in accord with their biological sex on parish and school campuses as well as during parish and school-sponsored activities off campus,” the “Archdiocese of Omaha Pastoral Guidelines for Gender Dysphoria” document reads. The rule will apply to “restrooms, dress codes, athletics, single-sex small groups, housing at overnight events and dates for parish and school-sponsored events,” a local church official said.
In addition, the document said, “Catholic parishes and schools will not allow or otherwise cooperate in the administration of puberty-blocking or cross-sex hormones on school property.”
The rules will take effect on Jan. 1, the Omaha World-Herald reported. Archbishop George Lucas said the newspaper endorsed the policy.
The diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, also released guidelines this month. The diocese advises that “those who cannot accept” the church’s norms on gender can go elsewhere for education.
Students in Sioux Falls diocesan schools “are to wear only those uniforms and conform to all dress codes in accord with his or her biological sex,” the rules state, and restroom use “will align with his/her sex.”
The Sioux Falls statement also says “students, teachers and school personnel must use accurate gender references and language in all circumstances and at all times” and when classmates use “inconsistent” pronouns for a given student, “this behavior shall be addressed immediately.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Nolte: Axios Criticizes Catholic Church for ‘Alienating’ Drug Dealers, Gays:
The far-left conspiracy theorists and serial liars at Axios are now attacking the Catholic church for alienating idol worshipers.
This has to be read to be believed.
The headline says, “More alienated Latinos are turning to unofficial saints.”
“Some Latinos who feel alienated by Christian traditions are turning to saints not sanctioned by the struggling Catholic Church for spiritual guidance around love, crime and money,” reports Axios with a straight face. Then it gets even more ridiculous…
Catholic canonization of saints often takes years of thorough reviews of miracles performed and of the figure’s contributions. Believers say unsanctioned saints offer divine assistance to steal gas, move a drug shipment, cross a border, or bless an LGBTQ+ romance.
“Some folks have become disenchanted with organized religion. Other folks who might be LGBTQ+ are alienated by both Protestant and Catholic Church positions on gay marriage. These Saints offer an alternative.” 
A forthcoming book, “Undocumented Saints: The Politics of Migrating Devotions,” by William A. Calvo-Quirós, argues that racism, violence and poverty gave rise to the saints.
Of course, the church alienates people looking to have their sins and crimes blessed and justified. --->READ MORE HERE

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