Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ukraine Hits Base of Russian Paramilitary Group Wagner After Photos Revealed Location; The photo of which was exposed by Russian war reporter; Russian occupiers attempted to break through Ukrainian defences in Kharkiv region and several other areas, but failed; One-fifth of Russian units in Ukraine have been defeated, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine hits base of Russian paramilitary group Wagner after photos revealed location:
Ukraine said Monday that it successfully struck the headquarters of the Wagner Group, the elite Russian paramilitary organization fighting on behalf of the Kremlin — just days after photos posted online mistakenly revealed the location.
Ukrainian governor of Luhansk Serhiy Hayday announced the country’s forces struck the group’s main operation in the eastern city of Popasna, according to the BBC.
Pro-Kremlin war reports also acknowledged the attack.
Details about the strike were not immediately clear, including how many died in the attack and the extent of the damage it caused.
Ukraine was able to locate the headquarters after a Russian propagandist, Sergei Sreda, accidentally revealed its location in photos posted to Telegram on Aug. 8, Ukrainian newspaper Ukrainska Pravda reported. --->READ MORE HERE
Armed Forces of Ukraine hit Wagner HQ in Popasna, the photo of which was exposed by Russian war reporter – Russian channels
Russian Telegram channels report on the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the headquarters of the Wagner PMC [a network of mercenaries who serve as the de facto private army of Russian President Vladimir Putin] in the occupied Popasna, Luhansk Oblast, a photo of which was recently published by the Russian military correspondent.
Source: the Russian department of Radio Liberty
Details: Reports of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attack on the Wagner PMC headquarters in Popasna appeared on Sunday in Russian telegram channels. A photo of the destruction was also published.
According to Radio Liberty, the telegram channels of Wagner PMC confirm the strike.
On 8 August, Russian military correspondent Sergey Sereda wrote about his visit to the "headquarters". He published a post on Telegram, writing: "Arrived in Popasna, stopped by the headquarters of Wagner PMC. They met me like family and told several funny stories." --->READ MORE HERE
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