Thursday, August 25, 2022

SH**HOLE NEWS: NYC Lawyer Beats Up Attacker During Fight Outside Office: ‘I’m no victim’; Brazen Thieves Rob Coffee Shop Customers at Gunpoint Across From Police Defunder Tiffany Cabán’s Office; NYPD: Suspect Gropes Girl, 13, Punches Father in Face Near Times Square

NYC lawyer beats up attacker during fight outside office: ‘I’m no victim’
A Queens attorney laid down the law to a man who allegedly attacked him on the street outside his legal office, amid this year’s ongoing surge in Big Apple crime, The Post has learned.
James Galleshaw, 49, left his alleged assailant battered and bloody following the fight on Cross Bay Boulevard in Ozone Park, according to photos he posted Thursday on Facebook — one of which showed the failed thug with streams of crimson running down his face.
Others show blood splattered on the steps outside and a broken glass door with a potted plant through it.
“I am ok. Was attacked by a random off the street today. He made a bad f–king decision and attacked me,” Galleshaw wrote. --->READ MORE HERE
Brazen thieves rob coffee shop customers at gunpoint across from police defunder Tiffany Cabán’s office:
Two brazen thieves on motorcycles robbed a group of people dining outside a fashionable Queens cafe — which is located across the street from the office of Councilmember Tiffany Cabán, a major supporter of defunding the NYPD, cops and witnesses said.
The masked men dressed in all black rode up on the sidewalk and pointed guns at customers who had been relaxing outside the Under Pressure Espresso Bar on 31st Street in Astoria around 3 p.m. Tuesday, police and witnesses said.
“Hands up, don’t move,” they barked at the victims — and said that if they did move, they’d “shoot,” two employees who witnessed the incident told The Post.
“Two people came on motorcycles and they pointed their gun outside and took some chains and bracelets from some people outside,” said one of the workers, who declined to share their name.
Another worker said about a dozen people were outside the coffee shop when the robbery happened and called the incident “f–ked up.” --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++NYPD: Suspect Gropes Girl, 13, Punches Father in Face Near Times Square+++++

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