Tuesday, August 16, 2022

SH**HOLE NEWS: NY Gov. Hochul Continues Pro-Crime Push, Renames "Inmate" to "Incarcerated Individual"; Hochul went even further, calling inmates 'justice-involved individuals'; TRUMP IS RIGHT: ‘Our Country Is Going to Hell’: Trump Slams Democrats for Creating ‘Cesspool of Crime'

NY Gov. Hochul Continues Pro-Crime Push, Renames "Inmate" to "Incarcerated Individual":
New York is suffering from a massive crime wave and Gov. Hochul's answer is more politically correct Newspeak. These renaming efforts had already been tried, including changing criminals to "justice-involved individuals". The awkward Newspeak terminology never works or sticks for the most obvious reasons.
But there's more here than that.
Even in the face of escalating crime and voter fears, Hochul is doubling down on pro-crime policies, after her and Cuomo's administration helped unleash that crime wave by eliminating bail. Hochul has refused to apologize or back down from it. She's up against Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is taking an anti-crime message in his campaign, and she's still ahead.
Hochul is afraid of the Left, she's not afraid of a popular voter backlash and for now, New York voters are not disappointing her. The question is whether Zeldin and Republicans can break through and tell the truth about the Cuomo crime wave and the human costs of criminal justice reform. ===>READ MORE HERE
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New York to scrap 'inmate' in favor of 'incarcerated individual' in state law:
Gov. Kathy Hochul went even further, calling inmates 'justice-involved individuals'
New York state law will no longer refer to prisoners as "inmates" and will instead call them "incarcerated individuals," according to a new law.
Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the legislation Monday. She argues that removing the term "inmate" will help to "reduce harmful stigma against incarcerated people by correcting outdated terminology."
"In New York, we’re doing everything in our power to show that justice and safety can go hand-in-hand," Hochul said.
"We can make our streets and communities safer by giving justice-involved individuals the chance to complete their rehabilitation program and work at the same time. By treating all New Yorkers with dignity and respect, we can improve public safety while ensuring New Yorkers have a fair shot at a second chance," she added. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++‘Our Country Is Going to Hell’: Trump Slams Democrats for Creating ‘Cesspool of Crime,’ Teases 2024 Run+++++

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