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Russia Moves to Reinforce Its Stalled Assault on Ukraine; The UKR Armed Forces destroyed one of the largest Russian military bases in Melitopol; Russian military refuse to return from Kazakhstan: they do not want to fight in Ukraine; Russians lose 3 more tanks and 250 soldiers, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Russia Moves to Reinforce Its Stalled Assault on Ukraine
More modern equipment on its way to the front, but analysts don’t expect a major shift in the military balance
Russia is moving to significantly bolster its forces in Ukraine as its campaign to secure territory in the country’s east and south stalls ahead of planned plebiscites on annexation by Russia.
A series of volunteer battalions formed in recent weeks across Russia is preparing to deploy to Ukraine, officials and military analysts say, including a major new ground-forces formation called the 3rd Army Corps intended to shore up a new offensive in eastern Ukraine and reinforce troops holding off a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south.
Footage posted online purporting to show the 3rd Army Corps training at a Russian military base in Mulino, some 250 miles east of Moscow, displays modern weaponry of a kind rarely deployed to Ukraine, analysts say. However, the U.S.-based think tank the Institute for the Study of War played down the formation’s chances of shifting the military balance in Ukraine, saying in a Saturday report that “better equipment does not necessarily make more effective forces when the personnel are not well-trained or disciplined.”
Conflict Intelligence Team, an open-source investigative group, on Saturday posted photographs of Russian military equipment on railcars, including Buk surface-to-air missile systems and T-90 tanks, that it said were heading to Russia’s border with eastern Ukraine, citing train data published by Russia’s railways service.
The push to shore up Russia’s forces comes as Moscow’s campaign in Ukraine continues to stall and the Kremlin scrambles to find fresh troops willing to help it regain momentum in a war now in its seventh month. It also comes as Kyiv continues strikes against Russian military infrastructure on occupied territory.
In parallel to a nationwide recruitment campaign aimed at filling the undertrained battalions, Kremlin-linked military companies in Russia such as Wagner Group, which have led major offensives in eastern Ukraine, are scouring Russia’s prisons for inmates willing to fight, according to human-rights workers and Russian media.--->READ MORE HERE
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The Armed Forces destroyed one of the largest Russian military bases in Melitopol:
The armed forces struck one of the largest enemy military bases on the territory of the "Avtocolorlit" plant in Melitopol, the mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov, said.
Source : Fedorov on the Freedom TV channel
Fedorov's direct speech : According to preliminary information, one of the buildings in the village of Mirny, Melitopol district, in which preparations for the pseudo-referendum were being conducted, was destroyed.
In Melitopol, one of the largest enemy military bases on the territory of the "Avtocolorlyt" plant was destroyed.
Details : According to Fedorov, "something happens" to the Russians every day for the past 3 weeks. --->READ MORE HERE
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