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Russia Has Lost Two Squadrons of the Latest Su-35 in Ukraine; Russian Forces’ Breakthrough Fails, Occupiers Forced to Flee on the Bakhmut Front; A military unit with conscripts - mass media - was burning NEAR MOSCOW; Russia struggles to replenish its troops in Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Russia has lost two squadrons of the latest Su-35 in Ukraine – General Staff:
The Russian Federation has lost two squadrons of the latest Su-35 fighters in Ukraine, that's about 24 aircraft, and now tolerates the return of the old Su-24M bombers.
Source: Oleksii Hromov, the Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at a briefing at the Ukraine Ukrinform media centre
Quote: "Over the last week, the Ukrainian Air Force have destroyed 27 air targets.
In connection with the significant losses of aviation equipment, the occupiers are considering the option of using outdated bombers – the Su-24M, which were removed from the aggressor’s combat team during 2005-2018."
Details: According to the General Staff, Russia supplied Su-35 aircraft to China. Out of 24 units, only 9 were functional, which indicates the low efficiency and the unreliability of this technology.
The largest number of operational failures of these aircraft was related to on-board systems. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian forces’ breakthrough fails, occupiers forced to flee on the Bakhmut front – General Staff:
The 169th day of the full-scale invasion was marked by unsuccessful attempts by the Russian military to break through Ukrainian defences on the Bakhmut front, to conduct assaults on the Avdiivka front in the Donetsk region and on Pavlivka in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.
Source: operational information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 18:00 on Thursday, 11 August
Details: The situation did not change significantly on the Volyn, Polissia, and Sivershchyna fronts.
In the Sumy Region, Russian forces fired on civilian and military infrastructure in the vicinities of Vorozhba, Mezenivka, Pavlivka and Bilopillia, and in Chernihiv Oblast - near the village of Lohy. The occupiers pay considerable attention to aerial reconnaissance by UAVs.
On the Kharkiv front, the Russian army opened fire from tanks, tube and rocket artillery in the areas of the settlements of Udy, Ridne, Prudianka, Slatyne, Nove, Ruska Lozova, Petrivka, Ukrainka, Peremoha, Baranivka, Chepil, Odnorobivka, Pechenihy and Slobozhanske.
They also delivered airstrikes near Rtyshchivka and Staryi Saltiv. --->READ MORE HERE
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