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Pelosi Drums Bogus COVID Fear to Extend Remote Voting; Is Congress Getting Over Covid-19: Senators skip testing, as the House extends proxy voting again, and other C-Virus related stories

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Pelosi drums bogus COVID fear to extend remote voting:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to congressional lawmakers saying members can vote absentee on matters before the House because — get this — of the COVID-19 pandemic.
And so it begins. COVID. It’s the gift to leftists that keeps on giving.
Democrats will do whatever it takes to circumvent constitutional principles and laws and orders, especially if doing so chips off the election block. Democrats love absentee voting; it gives them an open door to fraud — that is to say, their best chances of winning votes.
Here’s Pelosi on the pandemic perils: “In light of the attached notification by the Sergeant-at-Arms, in consultation with the Office of Attending Physician, that a public health emergency is in effect due to a novel coronavirus, I am hereby extending the ‘covered period’” that allows remote voting, The Hill reported.
Pelosi has used the coronavirus as cause to call for absentee voting for House colleagues since May, 2020. Prior, legislators could vote by proxy in committees, but not on the full floor. In fact, in the 232-year-plus history of the House, members have never been able to take full floor votes on pieces of legislation and resolutions except when physically present.
There’s a reason for that.
The Constitution stipulates for both House and Senate that a majority of members must be present — enough to establish a quorum — in order to pass legislation. In addition, both House and Senate leaders have established rules requiring members, in most all circumstances, to be present for votes.
COVID changed all that. --->READ MORE HERE
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Is Congress Getting Over Covid-19?
Senators skip testing, as the House extends proxy voting again.
Whether the Covid-19 pandemic is over in Washington apparently depends on what Congress is trying to accomplish. When Senate Democrats gathered last weekend to vote on their tax and climate spending bill, at least some of them reportedly adopted a policy of “don’t test, don’t tell,” which a joker might cite as the official end of coronavirus.
“They’re not going to delay it if a member has gotten Covid,” an anonymous Senate aide told Puck News. “Counterparts are saying they’re not going to test anymore. It’s not an official mandate but we all know we’re not letting Covid get in the way. The deal is happening. Less testing, just wear masks and get it done.” Another source added, morbidly: “You can bring your ventilator and still vote.”
But on the other side of the building, a quick walk-and-talk away, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has again extended proxy voting. In a terse letter to her House colleagues Tuesday, Mrs. Pelosi said she would allow the practice through Sept. 26, citing the fact that “a public health emergency is in effect due to a novel coronavirus.” This mirrors the Biden Administration’s unending Covid policy, which is starting to look less like a public-health measure than an effort to keep pandemic rules in place for the welfare state. --->READ MORE HERE
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