Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Just in Time for the Midterms: Phantom COVID and Monkeypox Panic!; NYC Monkeypox Madness Repeats Ugly COVID Story, and other C-Virus related stories

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Just in Time for the Midterms: Phantom COVID and Monkeypox Panic!:
Almost everyone on the right in America has been aware for a while that the Democrats would do whatever they could to keep the COVID-19 panic going until November’s midterm elections.
Let’s be honest with each other though: none of us had “monkeypox” on our bingo cards.
The Democrats like to run interference for their commie ways by keeping the electorate in an unnecessary state of panic. It worked to perfection in 2020, when they convinced a large portion of the population that we were all going to drop dead if we entered a voting booth. They not only used COVID panic as a reason to obliterate election transparency and integrity but also as an excuse to hide their bat-you-know-what crazy nominee for president in a basement so people wouldn’t know just how far gone he was.
Bless their dark little hearts, they’ve worked overtime to keep the COVID terror going, despite the fact that the newest variant isn’t killing anyone. They’re still using case counts as the prime metric for freaking out. The “experts” are apparently unaware that the hoi polloi learned last year that it’s a metric that can be manipulated or lied about just to keep us in line.
People have reached peak COVID panic weariness anyway, as Los Angeles County just found out when it tried to bring back an indoor mask mandate. When they’ve lost the Stockholm Syndrome Los Angeles proggies, they’re really struggling. --->READ MORE HERE
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NYC monkeypox madness repeats ugly COVID story:
New York City loves to trash science and embrace politics when it comes to public health. Just witness its insane monkeypox saga.
Mayor Eric Adams this weekend declared monkeypox a “public-health emergency” on the heels of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s similar call.
Sounds serious! Yet in mid-July the city issued advice on monkeypox (which spreads through close physical contact, in this outbreak mostly among gay men) bizarrely saying that merely covering up lesions and avoiding kissing would suffice to slow the spread.
Don Weiss, a city Health Department veteran who’s served on the frontlines of various outbreaks, disagreed and said so publicly, arguing instead that gay men should temporarily reduce their number of sexual partners to help control infections. He was then, he alleges, punitively reassigned; the city later repudiated his ideas.
It’s the whole ugly story of COVID, all over again. --->READ MORE HERE
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