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In Half a Year, Ukraine Destroyed $16.6 Billion Worth of Russian Military Equipment; Ukraine’s Bridge Attacks Cut Russian Effectiveness in the South; Ukrainian Armed Forces repel Russian attempts to advance on 4 fronts; Facing losses in Ukraine, Putin orders up over 100K more troops, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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In half a year, Ukraine destroyed $16.6 billion worth of Russian military equipment . Forbes infographic:
During the war, the enemy lost almost 2,000 tanks, 234 aircraft and 15 ships. Forbes calculated how much the equipment destroyed by Ukraine cost and which losses were the most painful.
In six months in Ukraine, the Russians lost 12,142 pieces of equipment worth $16.56 billion, excluding missiles.
The largest loss of the Russian army was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet with powerful weapons - the missile cruiser "Moskva" worth $750 million . On April 13, Ukrainian missiles "Neptun" struck the "Moscow" - the next day, the flagship went to the bottom.
In addition to the "Moscow" on the island of Zmiiny and in the surrounding waters, Ukraine destroyed $165 million worth of Russian equipment and ships. Among them are eight anti-aircraft complexes of the "Thor", "Pantsyr" and "Strila" types with a total cost of more than $100 million.
Before the sinking of the "Moscow", the most expensive loss of the Russians was a large IL-76 amphibious assault plane worth $86 million, which was shot down by air defense forces at the end of February in the sky over Vasylkov, Kyiv region.
The third most expensive was the large amphibious assault ship "Saratov" for $75 million. The Ukrainian army attacked the ship when it was in the port of occupied Berdyansk - delivering military equipment there. --->READ MORE HERE
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Ukraine’s bridge attacks cut Russian effectiveness in the south:
The combat effectiveness of Russian forces in Ukraine’s southern Kherson Oblast will be noticeably affected by Ukrainian strikes on the bridges and crossing points there, military analysts said.
With multiple recent strikes against three main bridges across the Dnipro, Ukraine’s largest river, Russian forces in Kherson Oblast were forced to build pontoon bridges and use boats to transport equipment to their troops on the western side.
These have a lower transport capacity than bridges, while being just as vulnerable to the precise HIMARS rocket artillery systems used by Ukraine. That means less ammunition, fuel and rations for Russian forces west of the river.
“This doesn’t just slow down their operations, it also lowers the combat effectiveness of the troops,” Oleg Zhdanov, a Ukrainian reserve colonel and military expert, told the Kyiv Independent. “The amount of consumable material — ammunition, fuel and food is much more than what they can transport across the river to the other bank.”
The latest artillery attack on Aug. 25 struck the large Antonivsky Bridge across the Dnipro River, according to Ukraine’s Operational Command South spokeswoman Natalya Gumeniuk. The bridge has been under regular Ukrainian attack since July and while it still stands, it’s either barely usable or not usable at all.
Earlier this week, the bridge took some big hits from Ukrainian missiles on Aug. 22. According to Russian media, the attack killed two and injured 16 workers who were making repairs to the bridge.
There was unconfirmed information from Kherson city councilman Serhiy Khlan that the attack also took out a convoy of Russian ammunition-carrying trucks. Photos of a large explosion from the bridge caused some online speculation that it was a bigger blast than one a missile could cause on its own. But a Kherson Telegram channel posted locals’ reports that there didn’t seem to be vehicles on the bridge at the time of the explosions. --->READ MORE HERE
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