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Ikea Shoppers in China Panic After Surprise COVID Lockdown Traps Some Inside; WATCH: Crowds rush to escape from Shanghai IKEA as it locks doors due to COVID case, and other C-Virus related stories

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Ikea shoppers in China panic after surprise COVID lockdown traps some inside:
Chaos unfolded at an Ikea store in Shanghai over the weekend after local authorities attempted to implement a surprise lockdown with shoppers still inside due to potential COVID-19 exposure.
Videos shared online by writer Fang Shimin and others showed Ikea shoppers scrambling to escape the store on Saturday before authorities could shut the doors.
The rush to exit occurred after an announcement at the Ikea store revealed authorities would close the store and not allow anyone to enter or leave.
At one point, a large group of shoppers physically forced their way past officers who had been trying to lock them inside.
Those who were unable to escape were stuck inside for more than four hours before they were transferred to nearby hotels for quarantine, Bloomberg reported, citing an eyewitness’s description on Chinese social media. --->READ MORE HERE
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WATCH: Crowds rush to escape from Shanghai IKEA as it locks doors due to COVID case:
Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of life massively in China. A video of shoppers frantically trying to get to the exit doors of an IKEA showroom in Shanghai has gone viral. This was after city health authorities ordered the store to lock down after a close contact of COVID-19 case was traced at the store.
Multiple videos from the location have went viral on Twitter. A user wrote, “Yesterday, an abnormal health code case was presented at an IKEA in Shanghai and the entire mail was suddenly blocked. Some people forced their way out for fear of being sent to concentration camps, but there is actually nowhere to escape under Amazing China’s digital surveillance.”
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