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Good Riddance to Dangerous Dr. Fauci; GOP Vows to Hold Fauci ‘accountable’ as NIAID Chief Steps Down, and other C-Virus related stories

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Good riddance to dangerous Dr. Fauci:
“Whether you’ve met him personally or not, he has touched all Americans’ lives with his work,” President Joe Biden said of news that his chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci, is finally retiring.
Biden’s only too right — tragically. Fauci’s COVID guidance was disastrous.
Fauci, now 81, initially greeted COVID by insisting it wasn’t a “major threat,” only to flip almost overnight into a strident hawk.
He demanded contact tracing, a measure as costly as it was useless. He called for economic shutdowns and national school closures. He ridiculed efforts to focus protective efforts narrowly on the truly vulnerable — the elderly and the immunocompromised.
He mocked the idea that people who recovered from COVID had some degree of natural immunity (after having once proposed it himself). And he did all this even as he doubted in private the efficacy of masks and the existence of asymptomatic spread. --->READ MORE HERE
GOP vows to hold Fauci ‘accountable’ as NIAID chief steps down:
While President Biden praised Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday following the announcement Fauci was stepping down as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), House Republicans vowed to make the White House chief medical adviser answer for what they called a “disastrous tenure.”
On Monday, Fauci announced he would be leaving both the National Institutes of Health and the Biden administration to “pursue the next chapter” in his career.
“While I am moving on from my current positions, I am not retiring,” he said. “After more than 50 years of government service, I plan to pursue the next phase of my career while I still have so much energy and passion for my field.”
Fauci, 81, had served as a top infectious diseases expert under seven US presidents but was largely unknown until the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020. He has since come under fire after the NIH admitted last year it had funded so-called “gain-of-function” research at a lab in Wuhan, China, where the virus first emerged.
Fauci, who repeatedly denied that such research took place, was accused of lying by his GOP critics, most notably Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.
The medical adviser has also been criticized for downplaying the origins of COVID-19, despite having been warned early on that the virus could have been “engineered.” --->READ MORE HERE
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