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Do YOU Know What Goes On At Your Child's School? ... Christian High School In Manhattan Hosted Mandatory Drag Show In Place Of Church Service; Students Pressured to Celebrate 'pansexual' Drag Queen at School Chapel; Students Forced to ‘pretend it was normal’

Christian High School In Manhattan Hosted Mandatory Drag Show In Place Of Church Service:
Would leftists actually target a Christian school church service with a sexualized drag show? Of course they would.
Students at Manhattan’s Grace Church High School say they were supposed to attend Wednesday church services on April 27th, 2021 when they were greeted with a surprise substitution show featuring a dancing drag queen in orange go-go boots called “Brita Filter” (the symbolism of the stage name is unknown). The event was sponsored by “Spectrum,” the school's LGBT support club and members of the school faculty.
The students allege they felt pressured to participate and had to pretend they enjoyed the event. Some Spectrum club members tapped teens on the shoulders and ordered them to stand for the show, while others handed out pride stickers and stated “Take one or you’re homophobic.” Other kids got involved in the show and began twerking in the chapel.
After the dancing was over, Brita discussed being “pansexual.” --->READ MORE HERE
Students pressured to celebrate 'pansexual' drag queen at school chapel as teacher resigns over misuse of pronouns:
Students at Manhattan's Grace Church High School are required to attend chapel every other Wednesday, and on April 27, that meant attending a Pride event. The 6th annual Pride chapel featured a special guest: drag queen "Brita Filter," aka Jesse Havea. Students felt pressure to join in, dance, and celebrate, while Teacher Uyen Nguyen took the opportunity to announce their resignation over improper pronoun usage.
"There was tons of social pressure to dance along and pretend like it was normal for sure," a student who asked not to be named told The Post Millennial, "whether it be people tapping on shoulders and telling them to stand up or just a collective staring contest at whoever wasn't totally participating."
The event was led by the school, the reverend, and the students and faculty advisors for Spectrum, the school's LGBTQIA+ affinity group. The politically themed chapel, which was mandatory for all students in grades 9-12, apparently ran long.
"Immediately upon entering there was a person handing out stickers with Pride flags on them, unironically saying 'take one or you're homophobic.'" --->READ MORE HERE
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Manhattan ‘Christian’ high school hosts mandatory drag show in chapel, students forced to ‘pretend it was normal’

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