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COVID's Good News: What the Pandemic Taught Parents; Number of NYC homeschooled students has more than doubled since COVID pandemic, data shows, and other C-Virus related stories

COVID's Good News
What the pandemic taught parents
At least the pandemic had a silver lining
It taught parents that there are better alternatives to government schools.
When COVID hit, bureaucrats in control were eager to close schools. Many closed them if just one child tested positive, even though COVID is little threat to kids.
Union teachers seemed eager to be paid not to work. Los Angeles teachers secured a contract that said they will "not be required to teach classes using live video conferencing," and won't be required to "provide instruction more than four hours a day." Nice work if you can get it.
More than a million parents chose to leave the government system. They spent their own money to educate their children in private and religious schools.
Others tried home schooling. --->READ MORE HERE
Julie Kvyatkovsky 
Number of NYC homeschooled students has more than doubled since COVID pandemic, data shows:
More New York City families are foregoing traditional public schools in favor of homeschooling, state data analyzed by The Post shows.
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Big Apple homeschool students has more than doubled, to roughly 12,900 kids, according to the data.
The surge in city parents opting to homeschool coincides with a nationwide trend sparked by the pandemic — one that has continued even with the return of in-person classes.
“I like being engaged and involved in their lives,” said Julie Kvyatkovsky, a single mom of 9 year old twin daughters in Brooklyn, who shifted to homeschool after a disastrous foray into remote learning.
“It was so weird, so unstable, that I decided I was going to keep them home,” Kvyatkovsky told The Post.
“I sat them down and said, ‘Girls, we’re going to be doing something different — we’re going to be opening up our own school. I’m going to be the principal, the teacher, the gym teacher, the art teacher. Are you with me?’ ” she recalled telling her kids. --->READ MORE HERE
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