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After Explosions in Crimea, Russians Move Their Aircraft to Territory of the Russian Federation; Half of Russia's Black Sea Fleet's Combat Jets Out of Operation; Ukrainian Intelligence shares video of destruction of Russian electronic warfare system; Wagner Mercenaries Enter the Spotlight as Russian Troops Struggle in Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

After explosions in Crimea, Russians move their aircraft to territory of the Russian Federation – Ukrainian intelligence:
After the recent explosions at Russian airfields in occupied Crimea, the Russians began moving their combat aircraft to the Russian Federation and deep into the peninsula.
Source: Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Quote: "After the recent events in Crimea, the Rushists [Russian soldiers] are urgently moving their planes and helicopters deep into the peninsula and to the airfields of the Russian Federation.
The occupiers are taking measures to partially transfer the aviation equipment from forward-based airfields in Crimea to alternative airfields and the airfields permanently based on the territory of the Russian Federation."
Details: It should be noted that such activity began after a series of explosions at military infrastructure facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea, including these in Saky (9 August) and Hvardiiske (16 August).
The Chief Intelligence Directorate reports that at least 24 planes and 14 helicopters have been seen to be transferred. --->READ MORE HERE
Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTERS  
Half of Russia's Black Sea fleet's combat jets out of operation, Western official says:
Blasts at the Saky air base in the annexed Crimean peninsula earlier this month have put more than half of the Russian Black Sea fleet's naval aviation combat jets out of use, a Western official said on Friday.
The air base near Novofedorivka on the west coast of the peninsula, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, suffered multiple explosions on Aug. 9. read more
The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Ukraine was now consistently achieving "kinetic effects" deep behind Russia's lines which was having a material impact on Russia's logistics support and "a significant psychological effect on the Russian leadership".
"We now assess that the events of Saky airfield on August 9 put more than half of Black Sea fleet's naval aviation combat jets out of use," the official said.
On Aug. 12, Britain's Ministry of Defence said in its intelligence update that while a fraction of Russia's air fleet was destroyed in the blast, the navy's air capability was seriously degraded. read more --->READ MORE HERE
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