Friday, July 15, 2022

Ukrainian Military Strikes with Western Arms Disrupt Russian Supply Lines; In Ukraine War, a Race to Acquire Smarter, Deadlier Drones; Ukrainian Official Proposes Commission to Help Track Weapons; Putin and the UFO Sightings, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukrainian military strikes with Western arms disrupt Russian supply lines: general
Ukraine is using Western-supplied long-range weapons and 155mm “smart” shells to hit Russian ammo dumps and supply lines, forcing Moscow to rethink how it supplies fuel and ammunition to the front line, a Ukrainian general said on Thursday.
Ukraine said earlier on Thursday its forces had struck two military checkpoints and a landing point in a town in Russian-occupied territory in southern Ukraine, the latest attack Kyiv says its forces have carried out deep in areas held by Russia in the last two weeks.
General Oleksiy Gromov told a news conference that Western supplies of weapons were critical to Ukrainian strikes and singled out U.S.-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) that Kyiv began receiving last month.
HIMARS have a longer range and are more precise than the Soviet-era artillery that Ukraine had in its arsenal.
“We are decreasing the enemy’s potential, hitting his logistics supply, hitting his ammunition… The enemy is being forced to change its system for supplying ammunition and fuel,” Gromov said. --->READ MORE HERE
In Ukraine war, a race to acquire smarter, deadlier drones:
Drone camera footage defines much of the public’s view of the war in Ukraine: grenades quietly dropped on unwitting soldiers, eerie flights over silent, bombed-out cities, armor and outposts exploding in fireballs.
Never in the history of warfare have drones been used as intensively as in Ukraine, where they often play an outsized role in who lives and dies. Russians and Ukrainians alike depend heavily on unmanned aerial vehicles to pinpoint enemy positions and guide their hellish artillery strikes.
But after months of fighting, the drone fleets of both sides are depleted, and they are racing to build or buy the kind of jamming-resistant, advanced drones that could offer a decisive edge.
The urgency was reflected by the White House’s disclosure Monday that it has information that Iran will be rushing “up to several hundred” unmanned aerial vehicles to Moscow’s aid. Iranian-supplied drones have effectively penetrated U.S.-supplied Saudi and Emirati air-defense systems in the Middle East.
Meanwhile, Ukraine wants the means “to strike at Russian command and control facilities at a significant distance,” Bendett said. --->READ MORE HERE
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