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Ukraine Sees Chance to Exploit Dwindling Russian Momentum; Why is Russia so vulnerable to HIMARS in Ukraine?; We need to help Ukraine stop Russia now — before Belarus joins the fight; Ukraine’s Zelensky Says a Cease-Fire With Russia, Without Reclaiming Lost Lands, Will Only Prolong War, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Ukraine Sees Chance to Exploit Dwindling Russian Momentum:
Ukraine and Russia are racing to iron out logistical issues as both sides prepare for the next phase of the war, with Moscow seeking to press gains in the east while Kyiv readies for a counteroffensive in the south.
After weeks of fierce combat that culminated in Moscow’s claiming full control of the eastern Luhansk region this month, Ukraine is now seeking to exploit the diminishing pace of Russia’s offensive.
Recent deliveries of U.S. Himars rocket systems have enabled Ukrainian forces to disrupt Russian supply lines by striking arms depots and command posts far behind the front line. But Kyiv is also facing challenges in absorbing weapons shipped by the West.
Following a meeting on Thursday with his top defense and security officials, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said those problems were being addressed, and there was “significant potential” to roll back Russian forces.
“We defined tasks in some tactical areas to strengthen our positions,” Mr. Zelensky said. “And we also thoroughly worked out the issue of providing the troops with the modern weapons—the intensity of attacks on the enemy still needs to be increased.”
The White House announced Friday another $270 million worth of weapons for Ukraine, including four more Himars and hundreds more Phoenix Ghost drones. It also said that the Pentagon is considering providing Ukrainian forces with fighter jets. It is “making some preliminary explorations into the feasibility of potentially providing fighter aircraft to the Ukrainians,” said John Kirby, the National Security Council coordinator for strategic communication.
U.S. officials have previously resisted supplying Ukraine with fighter jets over concerns that it would risk a more direct conflict with Moscow. The Biden administration has also so far held off on approving a Ukrainian request for more-advanced long-range armed drones, concerned that the aircraft and its highly sensitive technology could wind up in Russian hands if Ukrainian forces are overwhelmed. Drones have been in high demand and short supply for Ukrainians on the front lines. --->READ MORE HERE
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Why is Russia so vulnerable to HIMARS in Ukraine?
t’s been nearly a month since U.S.-provided High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS, had their long-awaited debut in Ukraine, but their combat record is already extensive.
Using all the heavy and long-range weaponry available to it, including HIMARS, Ukraine began a campaign that has destroyed dozens of significant fuel and munition depots in occupied parts of Ukraine, jeopardizing Russian logistics, vital supplies, and artillery power.
Ukraine’s military then moved on to using rockets against Russian-controlled airfields, bridges, and transportation points.
Now, HIMARS are also directly challenging Russia's air defenses, wiping out expensive advanced radars far behind the front lines.
Contrary to its propagandistic bravado, the Russian military has appeared helpless — or at least very vulnerable — to the dozen or so U.S.-provided HIMARS striking the very essence of Russia’s military advantage over Ukraine, becoming an important factor in the war.
And as the latest month of hostilities demonstrates, there’s little Russia can do about it.
Its own systemic flaws, outdated tactics, lack of initiative, and previous failures in the war leave it few chances to confront the American weapons now in Ukrainian hands.
Russian weak spots
Upon estimates, there are between eight and 12 HIMARS currently on the battlefield in Ukraine. The U.S. on July 20 announced the delivery of four more following the 4th Ramstein meeting of defense ministers. An undisclosed number of M270 MLRS, a similar but heavier truck-mounted system, provided by Western countries, are also already operational in Ukraine, according to Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.
Within just weeks, a few HIMARSs have managed to strip Russia of the majority, if not all of, its most considerable ammunition and fuel depots in Donbas and Ukraine’s occupied south.
With almost every nightfall, videos of massive detonations at Russian depots in Kherson Oblast or Donbas pop up on social media. --->READ MORE HERE
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