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Texas Counties Declare ‘invasion’ During Border Crisis: ‘We’re being invaded’; TX Counties Say The Border Crisis Is An ‘Invasion.’ They’re Not Wrong; Border ‘Invasion’ Gives TX ‘Power to Put Hands on People and Send Them Back,’ Says Lt. Gov.

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Texas counties declare ‘invasion’ during border crisis: ‘We’re being invaded’:
Several Texas counties declared a border “invasion” on Tuesday in a move to pressure the state’s governor to issue a similar declaration.
The statement doesn’t grant the counties any kind of additional legal authority and may not even be legal — but officials hoped it would bring attention to the border crisis.
“We’re being invaded. The facts are there,” said Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan at a press conference in Brackettville, Texas. “This is real. We want America to know this is real. America doesn’t know what’s happening here.”
County officials from Kinney, Goliad, Terrell and Uvalde Counties criticized the Biden Administration for what they called its “open border policy.”
The officials each shared stories of how their communities are being inundated by immigrants as humans and drugs are smuggled through their small towns on a daily basis.
The number of reported migrant encounters along the US-Mexico border once again made history in May — hitting a staggering 239,416 encounters, according to the latest available monthly Customs and Border Patrol statistics. --->READ MORE HERE
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Texas Counties Say The Border Crisis Is An ‘Invasion.’ They’re Not Wrong:
A handful of Texas counties on Tuesday declared the ongoing border crisis an “invasion” and called on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to do the same, citing constitutional authority for states to act in self-defense in the face of federal inaction.
Speaking in rural Kinney County, which includes a stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border, officials from Kinney, Uvalde, and Goliad counties said the Biden administration has refused to secure the border and enforce the law, and that although Abbott has done much to support local communities in south Texas most affected by the crisis, he needs to do more. Namely, he needs to follow their lead and declare an invasion.
County officials of course can’t do anything about illegal immigration on their own, but their argument is that Abbott, as governor of Texas, can. They cite Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the Constitution, which says that states can’t do things like conduct foreign policy or engage in war, “unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit delay.”
Those three words, “unless actually invaded,” are the crux of the argument. The idea that states have the constitutional power to act on their own to enforce immigration law and police the border has been gaining ground for some time now. Former Trump administration officials such as Russ Vought and Ken Cuccinelli, both now at the Center for Renewing America, have made a case for unilateral state action on the border. --->READ MORE HERE
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