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Momentum May Soon Shift in Ukraine War; Moscow's forces 'effectively crippled' by huge losses; More than 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war killed in ‘petrifying war crime’; Russia silent as Red Cross, UN demand access to prison where dozens of Ukrainian POWs killed, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Momentum may soon shift in Ukraine war, experts say:
Embattled Ukraine may get the upper hand in its war with Russia in the coming weeks — with Russian advances flagging in the eastern Donbas region and a Ukrainian counteroffensive underway in the nation’s south, western analysts say.
“It does seem the Russians’ ability for forward movement is petering out,” Phillips O’Brien, a professor of strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, told the Washington Post Friday. “I don’t see them being able to advance much more in the Donbas.”
The assessment matches that of British spymaster Richard Moore, the MI6 chief who predicted last week that Russian forces were “about to run out of steam.”
“Our assessment is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to supply manpower [and] materiel over the next few weeks,” Moore said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado last Thursday.
Meanwhile, he said “[Ukrainian] morale is still high, and they’re starting to receive increasing amounts of good weaponry.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Moscow's forces 'effectively crippled' by huge losses, Ben Wallace says:
Russian forces are "effectively crippled" as Vladimir Putin insists on a "meat grinder" war strategy, Ben Wallace has said.
The Defence Secretary made the comments after US analysts estimated that more than 75,000 Russian soldiers had been killed or injured in the war in Ukraine - the equivalent to almost the entire British Army.
Mr Wallace told BBC’s Today programme: “Putin hasn’t changed from his desire to occupy the whole of Ukraine, take Kyiv and Odesa... but his army has been effectively crippled by huge amounts of losses. Over 25,000 dead. Maybe twice as many injured.
“When I talk about meat grinder, which is what they’re doing, is that they are resorting to a sort of Soviet tactic... moving very slowly - metres, not miles, a day, in some parts. --->READ MORE HERE
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