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Fauci, Other US Officials Served in Lawsuit Over Alleged Collusion to Suppress Free Speech; 5 mistakes Dr. Anthony Fauci made on COVID that spelled disaster, and other C-Virus related stories

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Fauci, Other US Officials Served in Lawsuit Over Alleged Collusion to Suppress Free Speech:
White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and other top Biden administration officials have been served with discovery requests after a federal judge ordered the administration to comply with discovery requests stemming from a lawsuit alleging government collusion with Big Tech.
The lawsuit accuses government officials of working with Twitter and other major social media networks to suppress truthful information on multiple topics, including COVID-19.
One example outlined is how Fauci, longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, held a secret meeting with scientists who soon after tried to discredit the theory that the virus that causes COVID-19 came from a Chinese laboratory. At the same time, Fauci, who has repeatedly cast doubt on the so-called lab leak theory and whose agency funded research at the lab in Wuhan, China, was exchanging messages with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on how COVID-19 information on social media was handled.
Fauci was told in the request to identify every worker in his agency who was or is communicating with a social media platform regarding content modulation and/or misinformation, to identify all such communications he had, and to identify all meetings he had on the matter with social media platforms.
He was also asked --->READ MORE HERE
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5 mistakes Dr. Anthony Fauci made on COVID that spelled disaster:
The man almost single handedly responsible for the failed COVID policies of the past two-plus years has announced that he will be retiring soon. For many of us, that day cannot come soon enough.
During the first year of the pandemic, Anthony Fauci MD was a study in confusion. He expressed wildly conflicting opinions about how lethal and contagious the coronavirus was depending on who he was talking to.
In private he questioned whether it could be spread asymptomatically, whether wearing masks could help contain it, and whether it was possible to be re-infected.
In public he warned us that we were facing a viral apocalypse, touting a pandemic model from the Imperial College in London that predicted millions upon millions of US deaths.
It turned out that the model was algorithmic garbage, but that didn’t stop America’s most famous virologist from recommending — in mid-March 2020 — that the economy of the entire country be shut down indefinitely, 40 million people be put out of work, tens of millions of children be denied an education, and millions of “nonessential” small businesses be shuttered, many never to reopen. --->READ MORE HERE
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