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Biden’s Pathetic Anti-Crime Package is an Empty Press Release; Biden Aims to Curb Crime Wave by Reviving Troubled 1990s-Era Clinton Plan

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Biden’s pathetic anti-crime package is an empty press release:
Coming down with COVID stopped President Joe Biden from heading to Pennsylvania to “announce” his new pro-police package Thursday. But judging from the details released in advance, it’s likely just as well he canceled: Like everything else from this White House, it’s half-hearted sound and fury, signifying nothing.
First off, he’s merely calling on Congress to spend another $37 billion on a grab-bag of stuff:
  • $13 billion (over five years) to hire/train an added 100,000 cops nationwide. 
  • $3 billion for local courts to clear backlogged cases, especially involving murders and guns. 
  • $15 billion for a grant program funding “ideas” for preventing violent crime or creating “public-health responses” to nonviolent incidents, all in the name of reducing burdens on law enforcement. 
  • $5 billion to aid “violence prevention” programs.
This is barely a press release, with the headline “$37 billion” and “100,000 new police” numbers meant to sound bold to those not paying attention, even as more than half the cash would go for stuff the left keeps pushing instead of actually getting tough on crime. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden aims to curb crime wave by reviving troubled 1990s-era Clinton plan
Studies have cast doubt on the efficacy of the original COPS program
The biggest wrinkle in President Biden’s new anti-crime plan is that the same plan didn’t work when former President Clinton tried it nearly 30 years ago.
Unveiled Thursday, Mr. Biden’s Safer America Plan includes spending nearly $13 billion in the next five years to add 100,000 police officers to state and local departments across the country. The funds will be given to municipalities through the Justice Department’s Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) program.
A senior administration official told reporters the plan aims to prevent violent crime by funding officers who will walk the beat and know the neighborhood.
Mr. Biden was expected to lay out the plan at an event Thursday in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, but the trip was canceled after he tested positive for COVID-19. It is unclear if the event will be rescheduled.
The plan largely mirrors a much-ballyhooed program implemented by Mr. Clinton in 1994. Much like now, America in 1994 was awash in violent crime and gang violence and Mr. Clinton sought to curb it by spending $10 billion in six years to add 100,000 new officers through the COPS program.
However, multiple studies conducted by both the federal government and independent researchers concluded the plan failed to achieve its goals. --->READ MORE HERE
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