Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Biden’s Handlers Allow Members of a Foreign Terrorist Organization to Enter the US; Biden's Open Door to Criminals, Drug Pushers and Human Traffickers

Biden’s Handlers Allow Members of a Foreign Terrorist Organization to Enter the U.S.:
Fifty people on the terror watch list have been apprehended at the Southern border so far this year, and there is no telling how many got across without being caught. And now Old Joe Biden’s handlers have opened up a new way for terrorists to get into the United States: Iran International English reported late Friday that “the Biden admin has decided to lift a controversial ban on the entry into US of Iranian men who’d been conscripted into IRGC, a Foreign Terrorist Organization, as part of their compulsory military service, as they don’t ‘pose a national security or public safety risk.’” The IRGC is Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which the Trump administration designated a terrorist organization in 2019. In their avidity to roll back every last thing that Trump did, Biden’s handlers are once again actively endangering Americans.
This decision to allow certain IRGC members into the country is a compromise move designed to get the Iran nuclear deal negotiations moving again. Those negotiations were galloping forward, with the Biden team bent on appeasement and the Iranians getting all they wanted and then some. But then the Iranians, dizzy with success, got a little greedy and demanded that as a condition of the deal, the United States remove the Foreign Terrorist Organization designation from the IRGC. In a stunning and inexplicable development after an unbroken record of appeasement, the Biden team balked, and the negotiations stalled. Now, the United States is trying to get them going by allowing low-level IRGC members into the country while maintaining the terrorist designation.
This is, unsurprisingly, unwise. The IRGC was designated a terrorist organization with good reason. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid issued a joint statement on March 18, declaring that the IRGC is “a terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of people, including Americans. We refuse to believe that the United States would remove its designation as a terrorist organization.” You refuse to believe that the United States would do such a thing? Gentlemen, Joe Biden is in the Oval Office. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden's Open Door to Criminals, Drug Pushers and Human Traffickers:
There is nothing compassionate about unlawful access to the Unites States.
When President Joe Biden hung out the welcome sign at our southern border, he and his open-border cronies tried to portray his policy as an act of compassion. This is still their supposed rationale for allowing anyone and everyone unlawful access to the U.S.
However, when it became obvious the tidal wave of immigrants entering our country illegally includes violent criminals, drug pushers and human traffickers, Biden's compassion rationale lost its luster. In response, he and his cronies ramped up the use of their favorite tactic: attacking not the problem but those who point out the problem. Biden's use of this tactic to deceive, distract and distort continues, which should surprise no one. The Greek philosopher Socrates warned when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.
We warn of the potential consequences of open borders in our new book, "Tragic Consequences: The Price America is Paying for Rejecting God and How We Can Reclaim Our Culture for Christ" (available at all major booksellers). Those consequences include extending an open door to criminals, drug pushers and human traffickers.
Because of the Biden administration's feckless immigration policies, violent criminals gaining access to the U.S. has become so problematic that 22 senators, led by Ted Cruz of Texas and Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, sent a letter to Biden's hapless Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas demanding he immediately rescind the Guidance for Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law -- a Biden administration policy that, according to the senators, deprioritizes the removal of dangerous criminal aliens. Their letter cites 16 examples of crimes committed by illegal immigrants including homicides, rapes, assaults, robberies, and deaths caused by drunk driving. --->READ MORE HERE
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