Thursday, July 14, 2022

Biden Gives Hope to Imbeciles Everywhere; Biden’s Wealthy and Clueless White House: They have no idea of what life's like for hardworking Americans

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Biden gives hope to imbeciles everywhere:
George Washington shed his uniform as a general in the Continental Army to become president of the United States. He proved that anyone without royal bloodlines who was willing to make extraordinary personal sacrifices could be the leader of a country.
Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin. He grew up a rail-splitter clearing land on the frontier. He proved that anyone — no matter how humble or hardscrabble your background — could rise to become president.
Franklin D. Roosevelt proved that physical disabilities were no obstacle. John F. Kennedy proved that his Catholic faith was no obstacle. And Barack Obama proved that race was no obstacle.
President Biden has plumbed the greatest depths to expose and remove every last barrier to the White House. He has proved that anyone can be president.
Literally, anyone. Like you can just pick up a shuffling, incoherently babbling hobo off the street and make him president. You could even wheel a cadaver out of the morgue, prop him up and pop in some googly eyes and — bam! — you have a leader of the free world.
Can’t speak? No problem. Just park him in front of a teleprompter.
End of quote. Repeat the line.
Can’t read? Here, take the keys to the White House anyway.
Can’t think? Even better! Give that man the codes to one of the largest nuclear arsenals on the planet.
Hell, you don’t even have to be able to ride a bike to be president anymore.
Hillary Rodham Clinton boasted that she put a million cracks in the glass ceiling for women — though she failed to win the presidency. Mr. Biden busted right through the glass ceiling for imbeciles. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden’s wealthy and clueless White House:
They have no idea of what life's like for hardworking Americans
How does President Joe Biden, with pride, call oppressive gasoline prices “an incredible transition?” The same way his millionaire energy secretary tells hard-pressed Americans to solve their financial problems by buying a $60,000 electric car.
This White House is inhabited by revolving door careerists who got rich through decades of moving into a plum federal job, then out to a law firm/PR/lobbyist/consultant––and then back in again to burnish the resume. It’s called losing touch with middle America and everyday hardships.
Former President Donald Trump called Washington “The Swamp.” I call it a financial fantasyland unprecedented in American annals. There is no U.S. destination––not Wall Street, not Silicon Valley––where you can easily broker government work into a fortune, almost in an instant. You don’t need a revolutionary tech idea or financial skills or the next great assembling line. You just need to know how to manipulate the federal complex you just exited.
Let’s look at Ron Klain. As Mr. Biden’s chief of staff, he oversees all the ideas and policies emerging from the White House’s various woke factory workers who prefer windmills to life-giving fossil fuels, illegal immigrants to American citizens and “birthing people” to mothers.
At 60, he has spent over 30 years traveling through the Washington revolving door, building a net worth of up to $12 million. He has shifted from Capitol Hill to Justice Department to the White House to a lobbyist law firm to venture capitalist to the Obama White House to the Biden campaign to the White House. Like his boss, Mr. Klain’s entire professional life is “The Swamp.”
When Mr. Biden began his presidency in a celebratory spree of throttling our energy sector, driving up the price of a barrel of oil and sparking inflation, what do you think the thinking was at the White House?
Was it middle America and its financial well-being? I doubt it. I think the dominant thought was pleasing the climate-change oligarchs who flood the left-wing and Democrats with cash. --->READ MORE HERE
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