Friday, July 8, 2022

53 Migrant Deaths Expose Unofficial U.S. Migration Policy

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, AP Photo/Eric Gay
The death of 53 illegal migrants in a San Antonio trailer truck has spotlighted the damage caused by the federal government’s off-the-books policy of juicing the U.S. economy with young people extracted from poor countries.
The 53 dead migrants rationally got into the San Antonio trailer on June 27 because they expected to get what earlier migrants have already won — work, homes, and a peaceful life in the United States.
But their price of access to U.S. jobs, however, was the obligation to travel via the expensive, lethal, and off-the-books obstacle course of coyotes, cartels, cops, mountains, deserts, and rivers. The 53 died because an allegedly drug-using truck driver did not notice the trailer’s failing air-conditioner.
Their deaths are now being memory-holed because that unofficial migration path is being protected by the U.S. government.
It is being protected because it exists to help both parties’ legislators deny any responsibility for the hands-off mass-migration policy that aids investors in the U.S. economy — but which also damages 150 million Americans’ wages, housing, and productivity.
AP Photo/Eric Gay
The 53 victims of this government-protected, labor-trafficking system included two teenagers from the Mexican state of Veracruz who paid their smuggling fees with $20,000 from the sale of their mother’s house. The youths expected to join relatives in the United States and then repay the debt with U.S. wages, according to a July 1 report from the Associated Press:
Teófilo Valencia, father of 19-year-old Jair and 16-year-old Yovani sat looking at his phone, reading the last messages he received from them. “Dad, now we’re going to San Antonio,” Yovani wrote at 11:16 a.m. Monday. A half-hour later, his brother wrote to their father that they were ready to work hard and pay for everything.
Another victim was Javier Flores, who was born in a very poor corner of Mexico. He “called his family [on] June 19, when he told them he had already crossed the border and was hiding in a house in Texas,” said a Reuters report on June 29:
Flores’ family is now anxiously hoping for news that he is alive. “He told me he was going to look for a better life,” Flores’ mother, Virgilia Lopez, told Reuters. “To send his kids to school, help them get ahead and have a better future.”
The Associated Press reported on June 30 on another victim, Javier Lopez:
López’s family was waiting to find out whether he was on the truck. He had returned home [from his U.S. job] to see his wife and three small children in southern Mexico and was going back to Ohio where his father and a brother live and he worked in construction. He is now among the missing and his cousin, José Luis Vásquez Guzmán, is hospitalized in San Antonio, the family said.
The migration and the deaths continue because “our [U.S.] leadership class doesn’t believe in the legitimacy of immigration law,” explained Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. They “tolerate mass illegality as a way of getting around the [annual] immigration limits set by Congress,” he told Breitbart News. --->READ MORE HERE
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