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Why Aren’t More Republicans Highlighting The Risks Of Giving Infants Covid Shots?; Ex-Health Commissioner says Cuomo, de Blasio feud made COVID hard on NY, and other C-Virus related stories

Why Aren’t More Republicans Highlighting The Risks Of Giving Infants Covid Shots?
A little over a week ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorized the first round of Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 shots for infants as young as 6 months old. The decision came following a unanimous agreement among members of the FDA’s advisory panel, who recommended the jabs for children under the age of five.
“Together, with science leading the charge, we have taken another important step forward in our nation’s fight against COVID-19,” said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky in a statement on the matter. “We know millions of parents and caregivers are eager to get their young children vaccinated, and with today’s decision, they can.”
Walensky would later go on to falsely claim during a Thursday press conference that Covid-19 has been one of the top five causes of death for children since the beginning of its outbreak, making her the third CDC official this month to make this assertion.
In greenlighting the use of Covid jabs for infants, the CDC and FDA also officially made the United States the first country in the world to do so. U.S. President Joe Biden took to Twitter to celebrate the decision, saying that “For the first time in our fight against this pandemic, nearly every American can now have access to life-saving vaccines.”
Similar sentiments were also echoed by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who repeatedly emphasized how America would be “the first country on earth to give mRNA vaccines to its youngest children.”
What Does the Science Say? --->READ MORE HERE
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Ex-Health Commissioner says Cuomo, de Blasio feud made COVID hard on NY
They’re the toxic twins of New York politics!
The dysfunctional relationship between former Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former Mayor Bill de Blasio hindered the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ex-city Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi revealed in a stunning new interview posted online.
The mild-mannered physician offered a frank diagnosis of the Democratic pols’ penchant for bitter bickering — even as a deadly virus was wreaking havoc on New York.
“It was a significant problem,” Chokshi said.
“There were moments where my frustration at not being able to advance public health policy for New Yorkers could be directly tied to the toxicity of that relationship.”
Chokshi said the battles between de Blasio and Cuomo — who spent years squabbling in public before the pandemic — basically boiled down to “who had the authority to do what.”
The worst moment, Chokshi said, came in December 2020, when he and de Blasio held a news conference to announce the first coronavirus vaccination program for city cops and other first responders. --->READ MORE HERE
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