Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Pandemic Fraud Syndicates Eye Next Targets for Theft of Taxpayers’ Money; End All New York Mask Mandate Madness, Forever, and other C-Virus related stories

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Pandemic fraud syndicates eye next targets for theft of taxpayers’ moneyL
Investigators are still trying to figure out how much was stolen from government programs during the coronavirus pandemic, but the big-time fraudsters have already moved on to find new targets.
The same identity theft schemes that bilked the unemployment insurance system out of perhaps $250 billion are already being used on states’ disability payment programs.
California earlier this year revealed that it had frozen more than 300,000 claims because of fraud concerns, saying “states have not experienced such scams until now.”
The food stamp program has also shown a serious spike in identity fraud, and analysts say other programs are vulnerable, too. They include rental assistance, state tax refunds and even Medicaid, the federal-state health care program that pays to deliver medical coverage to the poor.
“We’re all sitting on the edge of our seats trying to wait and see what that response is going to be,” said Jarrod Carnahan, senior director of government solutions at Appriss Insights. “I am predicting that we are going to see a number of these fraudsters use those sophisticated methods and shift their focus to those programs — if they haven’t already.” --->READ MORE HERE
End all New York mask mandate madness, forever:
Is New York’s COVID mandate madness finally cooling down?
Tuesday, New York state and the MTA axed their requirements for agency employees to get tested weekly if they’re unvaxxed.
More crucially, Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday announced the endfinally — of the insane, cruel and utterly anti-science mask mandate for the city’s youngest kids.
All with good reason: The data on “public health” efforts like this are unambiguous. Mandates on masks or anything else have no significant effect — good or bad — on COVID outcomes at the city or state scale. They only add onerous requirements to people’s everyday life and work, empower Karens in the public and private sectors and jack up costs for taxpayers (the MTA’s employee-testing program cost a cool $100 million).
Some are even more harmful, like the toddler mask mandate. It caused behavioral and learning problems left and right.
The axing of these idiotic rules may be a sign that New York’s electeds and other officials are starting to reckon more seriously with a reality already recognized by any sane person. --->READ MORE HERE
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