Friday, June 17, 2022

Homeland Security Issues Another Security Bulletin to Drive Narrative; Terror alert: Anger over U.S.-Mexico border, abortion case could lead to shootings, DHS warns

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Homeland Security Issues Another Security Bulletin to Drive Narrative
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued the sixth National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin of the 17-month-old Biden administration on June 7. With a new bulletin every three months, Americans should ask: Are the threats facing America changing that rapidly, or is the administration using the bulletin as a tool for some other purpose?
Timing is everything in life and especially in Washington, D.C. To help answer this question about why so many Biden administration advisory bulletins coming out of the Department of Homeland Security, one need only look at what else has been happening the past few weeks as we begin the summer, when the left needs voters energized to vote in the November midterms.
Given the very selective threats and priorities included in the bulletin, set against known and suspected terrorists entering the U.S. through the southern border, numerous mass shootings, and violent pro-abortion supporters firebombing pregnancy centers and protesting at conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes and churches, the answer clearly appears to be that the Biden administration is using the terrorism bulletin to advance its chosen narrative: White supremacy is everywhere (the administration chooses to focus).
In releasing the new bulletin, Mayorkas said:
As recent acts of violence in communities across the country have so tragically demonstrated, the nation remains in a heightened threat environment, and we expect that environment will become more dynamic in the coming months, as several high-profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets. These targets could include public gatherings; faith-based institutions; schools; racial, ethnic, and religious minorities; government facilities and personnel; U.S. critical infrastructure; the media; and perceived ideological opponents.
Translation: Violence will happen everywhere and get worse this summer and leading up to the November elections. --->READ MORE HERE
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Terror alert: Anger over U.S.-Mexico border, abortion case could lead to shootings, DHS warns:
The Department of Homeland Security issued a terror alert Tuesday warning that anger over the chaotic U.S.-Mexico border or a looming Supreme Court decision on abortion rights could lead to more mass violence.
The department pointed to recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, as evidence of a “dynamic” threat environment, suggesting that more attacks are lurking. Focal points include the November elections, the high court’s decisions and, particularly, anger over the border crisis.
“Some domestic violent extremists have expressed grievances related to their perception that the U.S. government is unwilling or unable to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and have called for violence to stem the flow of undocumented migrants to the United States,” the department said in a National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin.
“We assess that there is increased risk of domestic violent extremists using changes in border security-related policies and/or enforcement mechanisms to justify violence against individuals, such as minorities and law enforcement officials involved in the enforcement of border security,” the department said. --->READ MORE HERE
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