Sunday, June 19, 2022

Giving Kids "Puberty Blockers" Increases Suicide Rates; Study Contradicts Transgender Narrative, Suggests Puberty Blockers Spike Youth Suicide

Giving Kids "Puberty Blockers" Increases Suicide Rates:
We already know this from the seventies when transgender experimentation on kids led to suicides.
John Money, the psychologist who coined the term "Gender Role" insisting that gender transcended sex, inflicted his theories on a little boy named David Reimer, who was raised as Brenda under a regime that could be best be described as horrifying child abuse. Reimer eventually reclaimed his masculinity and told his story in a book, "As Nature Made Him"; a title that the LGBT community would today consider a hate crime.
While Money claimed that Reimer was a "happy little girl", he was psychologically abusing the little boy. Reimer later committed suicide.
Biden, the Democrats, the media, and the current 'Money' experts claim that transgender experiments on kids are "medically necessary" to save their lives. But imposing a delusional state on kids is what's leading to those suicide rates.
A Heritage report by Jay Greene PhD shows that suicide rates are actually higher when puberty blockers are inflicted on vulnerable children by sexual identity politics experts and Munchausen-by-proxy parents. --->READ MORE HERE
Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
Study Contradicts Transgender Narrative, Suggests Puberty Blockers Spike Youth Suicide:
Making puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones easier for minor s toaccess has increased youth suicide rates, a new report from the Heritage Foundation asserts.
The report directly challenges claims from pro-transgender clinical organizations, activists, and the Biden administration that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones reduce suicides of minors who believe they are the opposite sex.
The 25-page report, written by Senior Research Fellow Dr. Jay Greene, analyzes existing studies about the effectiveness of these treatments in preventing youth suicides. Greene found, similar to a recent report published by Florida Medicaid, that current research “fail[s] to show a causal relationship and [has] been poorly executed.”
The author took his analysis a step further, conducting research with what he called a “superior research design.” He ultimately found “that easing access to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by minors without parental consent increases suicide rates.” --->READ MORE HERE
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