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Deranged COVID-clingers still want Broadwaygoers to be put through Rikers-like procedures; Pelosi extends House proxy voting period through Aug. 12, and other C-Virus related stories

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Deranged COVID-clingers still want Broadwaygoers to be put through Rikers-like procedures:
Earlier this year, I described the nightmare that audiences are being put through on Broadway. In the name of protecting the cast and other audience members, paying members of the public are put through Rikers Island-like procedures. We get shouted at on the way through the doors, ordered into lines, vaccine and identification papers rudely demanded.
Then there is the constant demands by people who clearly get a kick out of it shouting that we must “Mask up” and sit for hours on end without being allowed to even slip a mask a little bit under the nose. And woe betide anyone who buys an overpriced drink from the bar and then takes too long sipping it.
It is ha rd to think of any sector of the economy that made itself more dislikeable than the theater industry during the era of COVID. Restaurants easily dropped the vaccine mandates and mask demands. They became welcoming to customers again. Even the airline companies ended up lifting the mask mandates and, just like the restaurants, people sat close together with no spike in infections. But New York’s theaters held onto their masks for dear life. I sometimes wondered whether the last two places on earth that everyone would still mask would be Broadway and the offices of NPR.
But now — miracle of miracles — it has just been announced that Broadway’s theaters will go “mask optional” from July 1. Yet much of theater-land reacted badly. One playwright and actor immediately tweeted “Make no mistake: the end of the Broadway mask mandates will wreak havoc in New York Theater. It’s an unacceptable attack on the safety of theater workers.” Another tweeted that “The mask mandate being dropped in Broadway theaters is f–king terrifying. I have to go to work every single day and deal with 1500 + people I don´t know, and we now have no recourse to keep ourselves healthy. Absolutely f–k this.” --->READ MORE HERE
Pelosi extends House proxy voting period through Aug. 12:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has once again extended the chamber’s proxy voting period — permitting members of both parties to submit their votes remotely until mid-August.
The order — which was first implemented in May 2020 — permits House members to designate a colleague to submit their vote on the floor for them.
While the order was meant to allow lawmakers to take health precautions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, dozens of members have taken advantage of the policy to vote remotely while handing other business — with New York Democrat Mondaire Jones submitting his votes from the French Riviera.
Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced the extension on Friday, citing a letter from House Sergeant-At-Arms William J. Walker stating that the public health emergency due to COVID-19 “remains in effect.” --->READ MORE HERE
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