Saturday, June 18, 2022

Biden’s Open Border is an Open Invitation to Terrorist Attacks; Biden Sold Out Our National Security at Border

Biden’s open border is an open invitation to terrorist attacks:
We saw two examples late last month alone of the huge national security threat we face thanks to President Joe Biden’s open-border policies.
First, we learned that a man on the terrorist watch list was allowed into the U.S. and it took 13 days for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to obtain authorization to rearrest him. The same day, news broke that the FBI had uncovered a plot by ISIS to smuggle alien assassins into the U.S. through the southern border to kill former President George W. Bush.
As Border Patrol and ICE experts have been warning, open borders welcome terrorists .
In a September memo to the ICE acting director, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas outlined threats to national security as the first priority for immigration enforcement. The memo read in part:
A noncitizen who engaged in or is suspected of terrorism or espionage, or terrorism-related or espionage-related activities, or who otherwise poses a danger to national security, is a priority for apprehension and removal.
If the department’s actions matched Mayorkas’ words, it might be in line with the real mission of the Department of Homeland Security; namely, to protect the homeland. Sadly, Biden’s DHS does not actually follow through with enforcing the law and safeguarding our country.
Biden’s DHS has caught and released more than 756,000 aliens (including 125,000 mostly smuggled , unaccompanied children) at the southern border under the absurd notion that they will honor their Notices to Report to ICE facilities or Notices to Appear in immigration court.
These numbers don’t even include the more than 620,000 “got-aways .” Altogether, that amounts to almost 1.4 million unvetted aliens that have crossed the border under this administration.
With these record-high border encounters and got-aways, and only 42 migrants on the terrorist watchlist apprehended at the border under Biden, there’s a huge probability that more suspected terrorists are currently in the country. We simply don’t know how many have succeeded in evading the overworked, underresourced Border Patrol. --->READ MORE HERE
Tom Homan: Biden sold out our national security at border:
Fox News contributor Tom Homan told "America Reports" on Friday that the Biden administration sold out America's national security on the border.
TOM HOMAN: The most treacherous territory is where the convicted criminals and the drug dealers try to move their drugs, because it's harder to apprehend them. You know, only with use of a drone can you see them coming. So, yeah, you're going to see populations across the entire southwest border. Every sector is going to see an increase because the cartel is going to spread their madness out, right? They're going to send large groups to a certain area knowing Border Patrol is going to surge resources there. And that's where they're going to move the drugs and the convicted criminals, the pedophiles. This again, it's a worst-case scenario. This administration has sold out our national security.
I've talked to several patrol agents. They all say the same thing. United States of America, United States Border Patrol has lost operational control of our southern border. They can't contain what they have now... For the first time in this nation's history, at least for the 35 years I've done this job, we have lost operational control of the border. And under President Trump, we had the most secure border in my lifetime. And President Biden came into office and destroyed it, which is causing the crime, the murders, the overdose deaths, the drug trafficking, the trafficking in women and children, sex trafficking. This president has done harm to the United States, has done harm to the security of the United States, especially from a national security issue. ---> WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE
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