Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Biden’s Cabinet of Dunces: Ideological Rigidity, Nonchalance and Sheer Incompetence

Illustration by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times
As the nation sinks inexplicably into self-created crisis after crisis, debate rages whether President Biden is incompetent, mean-spirited or an ideologue who feels the country’s mess is his success.
A second national discussion revolves around who actually is overseeing the current national catastrophe, given Mr. Biden’s frequent bewilderment and cognitive challenges.
But one area of agreement is the sheer craziness of Mr. Biden’s Cabinet appointments, who have translated his incoherent ideology into catastrophic governance.
Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has essentially nullified federal immigration law. Over 2 million foreign nationals have illegally crossed the southern border without audit — and without COVID-19 vaccinations and tests during a pandemic.
Mr. Mayorkas either cannot or will not follow federal law.
But he did create a new Disinformation Governance Board. To head his new Orwellian Ministry of Truth, he appointed Nina Jankowicz — an arch-disinformationist who helped peddle the Russian collusion, Steele dossier and Alfa-Bank hoaxes.
While Ms. Jankowicz’s adolescent videos and past tweets finally forced her resignation, Mr. Mayorkas promises his board will carry on.
Screenshot via Twitter
In the days before the recent Virginia election, grassroots parent groups challenged critical race theory taught in the schools.
In reaction and under prompts from teachers unions, Attorney General Merrick Garland directed both the FBI and the Justice Department to establish a special task force apparently to “investigate threats” from parents against school board members.
The FBI recently has been knee-deep in political controversies. It illegally doctored a FISA application to entrap an American citizen. Its former directors, under oath before Congress, either claimed faulty memory or admitted lying to federal investigators.
The last thing a scandal-plagued FBI needed was to go undercover at school board meetings to investigate parents worried over their children’s education.
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