Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Amid Border Surge, Biden Admin Plans to Send Migrants to Cities Deeper Inside U.S., Starting with L.A., Say Internal Documents; DHS Considers Paying to Transport Migrants from Border to Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles

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Amid border surge, Biden admin plans to send migrants to cities deeper inside U.S., starting with L.A., say internal documents:
The Department of Homeland Security plans to transport migrants awaiting immigration proceedings from U.S. cities along the southern border farther into the interior of the country, beginning with Los Angeles in the coming weeks, according to internal documents obtained by NBC News.
The plan would alleviate overcrowding along the border, where record numbers of border crossers have overwhelmed the capacity of shelters in some cities, at times leading Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, to release migrants on the street to fend for themselves.
Typically, migrants who are allowed to stay in the country and make asylum claims are released to shelters run by religious and nongovernmental organizations after they are released from CBP custody. From there, the migrants pay for flights and bus transportation to cities where they go before immigration judges who will rule on their asylum claims.
The new model would use federal funds to send migrants to shelters in cities farther inside the country before they go to their final destinations. Besides Los Angeles, they will be sent to Albuquerque, New Mexico; Houston; Dallas; and other cities. DHS is working with shelters in each of the cities in advance of moving migrants. The agency’s Southwest Border Coordination Center, which combines officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, CBP and other agencies, is coordinating the effort. --->READ MORE HERE
DHS considers paying to transport migrants from border to Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles:
The Biden administration is moving forward on a plan to begin transporting migrants apprehended for illegally crossing the southern border to U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston in an effort to provide aid to overwhelmed border towns that face rising mass releases, according to a report published Wednesday.
Starting in a few weeks, federal homeland security and emergency management agencies will use taxpayer funds to move migrants from federal facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border to shelters in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Los Angeles; and Houston, NBC News reported.
The planned long-distance transports come as more people have been encountered attempting to enter the United States from Mexico without permission than at any other time in history. As encounters have soared under the Biden administration, so have the number of migrants released into the U.S. who have been told to show up for court proceedings about their unlawful entry that will take place in three to five years due to the 1.8 million-long wait list before the immigration courts.
Local and state officials have complained since March 2021 that local nonprofit and religious organizations could not keep up with helping, housing, and feeding the thousands of people released daily. The Department of Homeland Security's Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement may release people from custody rather than return them to Mexico or another custody and does so on a case-by-case basis. --->READ MORE HERE
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