Saturday, May 14, 2022

White House Blew Off Public Input on Policy Extending Work Permits for ILLEGAL Immigrants; Feds Extend Work Permits for Hundreds of Thousands of Immigrants, and related stories

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White House blew off public input on policy extending work permits for illegal immigrants:
The Biden administration cut corners in its rush to announce new rules extending work permits for foreigners in the U.S., including many illegal immigrants, and the divergence from standard procedures could imperil the legality of the policy.
Not only did Homeland Security dispense with the usual notice-and-comment period for new regulations, but the White House Office of Management and Budget, which gives final approval to rules, blew off a required meeting with stakeholders, according to would-be attendees.
“This entire regulatory effort is a complete disregard of the Administrative Procedure Act, and they’re doing this basically to cover their tracks and avoid accountability for a lot of the policies they’ve instituted,” said Robert Law, director of regulatory affairs at the Center for Immigration Studies, who requested the meeting to share feedback on the new policy.
The APA governs all major policy changes in the executive branch. The law has already tripped up the Biden team on several major immigration changes, including attempts to impose a 100-day deportation moratorium and to erase the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy.
Mr. Law said the latest missteps could sink the new work authorization policy too.
“We’re exploring our options. They blew us off,” he said, adding that any out-of-work American seeking a job might also have standing to sue because of the competition he or she could face from those foreigners who will be granted new eligibility to work. --->READ MORE HERE
Feds extend work permits for hundreds of thousands of immigrants:
The federal government on Tuesday extended temporary work authorization for a broad array of immigrants who are awaiting their final immigration papers.
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency in charge of work permits, permanent residency and naturalizations, granted an automatic 540-day extension of work authorization to immigrants awaiting their papers.
The new extension is an expansion of a 180-day extension that USCIS last updated in November.
The extensions reflect an administration that has sought to make it easier for immigrants to keep their work permits, but hasn’t been able to fully implement reforms at USCIS to more quickly process paperwork.
In March, USCIS announced a program to reduce backlogs, including by expanding premium processing for certain applications — the possibility for applicants to pay a higher fee to get their paperwork processed in a matter of weeks. --->READ MORE HERE
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