Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The 2020 Census Screwed Republicans; U.S. Census Bureau Report Shows Large GOP-Leaning States Were Undercounted in 2020

Carlo Allegri/Reuters
The 2020 Census Screwed Republicans:
As Charlie noted, the latest mea culpa from the Census Bureau’s Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) on the screwed-up 2020 Census is not evenly politically distributed: States undercounted by at least 3 percentage points were Arkansas (5.04 percent), Tennessee (4.78 percent), Mississippi (4.11 percent), and Florida (3.48 percent), while the states overcounted by that much were Hawaii (6.79 percent), Delaware (5.45 percent), Rhode Island (5.05 percent), Minnesota (3.84 percent), and New York (3.44 percent). That is particularly important because Minnesota and New York were just barely at the line: Minnesota narrowly missed losing a House seat, and New York lost one by a margin of 89 votes. The report notes: “There are no plans to use PES results to produce adjusted population estimates for the purposes of apportionment or redistricting, and there will be no such recommendation.” --->READ MORE HERE
Brian Snyder/Reuters
U.S. Census Bureau Report Shows Large GOP-Leaning States Were Undercounted in 2020:
NPR has a piece today on a U.S. Census Bureau report that discovered that, in 2020, “all states were not counted equally well for population numbers used to allocate political representation and federal funding over the next decade.”
The states that were significantly undercounted — hurting them in the electoral college, the House of Representatives, and for federal funding purposes — were:
Arkansas (5.04%), Florida (3.48%), Illinois (1.97%), Mississippi (4.11%), Tennessee (4.78%) and Texas (1.92%).
The states that were overcounted — thereby gaining more funding and representation than they deserved — were:
Delaware (5.45%), Hawaii (6.79%), Massachusetts (2.24%), Minnesota (3.84%), New York (3.44%), Ohio (1.49%), Rhode Island (5.05%) and Utah (2.59%).
On balance, the mistakes made here have hurt Republicans far more than Democrats.
Per NPR, such profound mistakes are not normal: --->READ MORE and see Full Report HERE
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