Friday, May 20, 2022

Texas Has Sent 35 Buses of Migrants to DC in Past Month; Here’s How Many Illegal Migrants Texas Has Bused To DC

Texas Has Sent 32 Buses of Migrants to DC in Past Month:
In the month since Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) vowed to bring the border crisis to President Joe Biden’s doorstep, his state has sent 32 buses of migrants to the nation’s capital, and it has no plans of stopping.
A spokesman for the governor’s office told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that the state’s effort to transport migrants to Washington has resulted in 835 people being dropped off since the first bus arrived April 13.
The 32 buses have carried an average of 26 people a bus, though the vehicles have the capacity to carry up to 40. The buses are taxpayer funded and free of charge to migrants. They serve as a means of easing the transportation burden on Texas towns and nonprofit organizations that are overwhelmed as several thousand migrants are released into the country daily.
Abbott, who is seeking a third term in November, announced April 6 that the state would use emergency evacuation procedures to “take the border to President Biden” as the number of noncitizens illegally crossing the border from Mexico rose in March to some of the highest levels ever seen. --->READ MORE HERE
Here’s How Many Illegal Migrants Texas Has Bused To DC:
Texas has bused 922 migrants from the border to Washington, D.C. through an effort that began in early April, Gov. Greg Abbott said in a Friday press release.
Since Abbott pledged to bus migrants to Washington on April 6, a total of 35 buses have arrived in the nation’s capital in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) announcement that Title 42 would end May 23, according to the press release.
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