Friday, May 27, 2022

Texas Activates Border Command Center as End of Title 42 Looms; Texas Launches Operations Center to Oversee 15-Agency Effort to Thwart Illegal Immigration

Joel Martinez/The Monitor via AP
Texas activates border command center as end of Title 42 looms:
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday he had activated the state’s border security command center to try to prepare for a flood of illegal immigrants if the Biden administration follows through on ending the Title 42 pandemic border policy.
The Republican governor’s office said state employees will step up surveillance of the border to try to detect unauthorized crossers and will deploy razor wire to try to deter some crossings.
“Texas will not stand by as President Biden puts our state and our nation in danger by ending Title 42 expulsions and allowing dangerous criminals, illegal weapons, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to flow unabated into the United States, and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis at our southern border,” Mr. Abbott said.
All sides are waiting on a federal judge in Louisiana who is pondering whether the Biden administration acted lawfully in scheduling Title 42 to end on Monday.
But with no decision in hand on Friday, Mr. Abbott said he would do what he could to stiffen Texas’ defenses. --->READ MORE HERE
Julio Cortez | AP
Texas launches operations center to oversee 15-agency effort to thwart illegal immigration:
Gov. Greg Abbott is launching the Joint Border Security Operations Center to oversee a 15-agency effort to thwart illegal immigration funded by Texas taxpayers.
Texas shares the largest border with Mexico of 1,254 miles and is bearing the brunt of the surge illegal immigration. Last year, the state legislature allocated $4 billion for border security efforts, Abbott launched Operation Lone Star and Texas began building its own wall.
The command center will oversee these efforts on a larger agency-wide scale. It was launched on Friday in anticipation of a deluge of illegal immigrants expected to flood the southern border on Monday. The CDC has designated Monday as the day to lift Title 42, the public health authority that enables federal agents to quickly deport illegal immigrants.
However, also on Friday, a federal judge halted the administration’s plan, keeping Title 42 in place.
“Another federal court announced today what we have known all along: President Biden is ignoring federal law with his open border policies," Abbott said after Friday's ruling. "While today’s court ruling rejecting President Biden’s ending of Title 42 expulsions is a positive development, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants remain at our southern border ready to flood into Texas.
“Texas will continue utilizing all available resources and strategies to prevent this mass illegal migration, including the deployment of Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas National Guard resources, the coordination with Mexican border governors, and the activation of the Joint Border Security Operations Center. We remain vigilant in fighting the lifting of Title 42 expulsions.” --->READ MORE HERE
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