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Second Russian Warship Struck by Ukraine; Russia reportedly loses most advanced tank during fighting in Ukraine; Ukraine repels some attacks but combat rages at steel mill; ‘Seemed like goodbye’: Mariupol defenders make their stand, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Yoruk Isik/Reuters
Second Russian Warship Struck by Ukraine: Reports:
Another Russian naval ship in the Black Sea was hit and left burning by the Ukrainian military, according to unconfirmed reports.
The Admiral Makarov, a 409-foot Russian frigate, was sailing close to Snake Island in the Black Sea, off the coast of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, when it was reportedly hit by an R-360 Neptune anti-ship missile fired from the Ukrainian mainland.
Per the Kyiv Post, Ukrainian general staff and Ukrainian Member of Parliament Oleksiy Goncharenko said that the ship had been hit. Russia denied that, however. It is unclear whether or not the ship was engaged in active combat with Ukrainian forces before it was struck.
Several Twitter accounts that monitor open-source flight data gathered from satellites and transponders reported that known Russian rescue vessels and aircraft had rushed to the area, shortly after reports emerged that the Makarov had been struck with a missile.
Those accounts also reported that an unarmed U.S. military RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance drone had been circling the area, indicating that an incident may have occurred. Photos of a ship burning, claimed to be the Makarov by users, were circulating on social media, though these have been unconfirmed. --->READ MORE HERE
Russia reportedly loses most advanced tank during fighting in Ukraine:
Russia has suffered another military embarrassment after Ukrainian forces reportedly destroyed its most advanced tank — days after it was deployed.
Illia Ponomarenko, The Kyiv Independent’s defense reporter, tweeted an image on Wednesday of himself standing before what he identified as the smoldering wreck of one of the T-90M tanks.
“I mean, who could guess that the first Russian T-90M would be hunted down within days after their much-advertised deployment to Ukraine’s Kharkiv Oblast,” he wrote.
Ukraine’s Defense Ministry tweeted a cropped version of the photo Thursday and boasted of having “turned the T-90M into scrap metal.”
The main battle vehicle is part of to Russia’s T-90 series, successor to the venerable T-72, according to The Drive. --->READ MORE HERE
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