Monday, May 2, 2022

Report: Putin Suffering from Cancer, Neurological Disease - Now That Video Makes Sense; Ukraine War Puts Spy Satellites for Hire in the Spotlight; Russia Recasts Fight in Ukraine as War With the West; ‘A huge demand’: Ukrainian women train to clear landmines, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Report: Putin Suffering from Cancer, Neurological Disease - Now That Video Makes Sense:
Russian President Vladimir Putin is an ailing man, new accounts are reporting.
According to the U.K. Sun, the Telegram Channel General SVR is now reporting specifics of the Russian leader’s ailments: That he has both abdominal cancer and Parkinson’s disease.
Putin’s health has been a subject of worldwide debate ever since images and video emerged in April of him gripping a table during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.
“Is this just me or Putin really looks less healthy and sound with each and every day of the war? I can see a drastic difference between now and late February,” Kyiv independent journalist Illia Ponomarenko tweeted at the time.
Reports have been circulating that Putin will be undergoing surgery and that while that is taking place, Russia will be under someone else’s leadership. --->READ MORE HERE
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Ukraine War Puts Spy Satellites for Hire in the Spotlight:
Ukrainian forces hunting Russian tanks and tracking troop movement are being aided by imagery from a growing number of commercial spy satellites, giving Kyiv access to intelligence once the domain of only a few governments.
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on his neighbor has coincided with a boom in the number and sophistication of commercial surveillance satellites, with hundreds now in orbit. Company officials say they are streaming data to the U.S. and allied governments, sometimes directly to Kyiv authorities to aid them in repelling Russia’s invading force, as well as to humanitarian groups to help them map the chaos and evacuate civilians.
Even before Russian troops poured into Ukraine, satellites detailed the Kremlin’s plans. When Mr. Putin said his troops massing at the border were pulling back, satellites showed the opposite, and that Russia had built a bridge from Belarus for tanks to cross a river into Ukraine. “No one knew to look at that area,” Planet Labs PBC co-founder and Chief Executive Will Marshall said.
The imagery provider, which is working with the Pentagon and others, was able to spot the bridge because its fleet of roughly 200 satellites scan all of Ukraine once a day, Mr. Marshall said. The company’s satellites have a resolution of around 9 feet, a measure of the level of detail the sensors can image, and can spot changes on the ground.
It isn’t just optical imagery being gathered. Some satellites can see through clouds and track Russian troop movements at night, industry officials said. Still others scoop up electronic signals that can be used to track Russian forces. The data from commercial spacecraft may not be as high-quality as those the latest U.S. spy satellites can reap, but they can be easily shared without the encumbrance of security restrictions. --->READ MORE HERE
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