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Leftists’ Supreme Court Packing Makes a Return: Losing the people? Then change the rules; Here Are The Democrats Using The Leaked Dobbs Opinion As An Excuse To Demand Court-Packing, and related stories

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Leftists’ Supreme Court packing makes a return:
Losing the people? Then change the rules.
Court-packing — the attempt to enlarge the size of the Supreme Court for short-term political purposes — used to be a dirty word in the history of American jurisprudence.
The tradition of a nine-person Supreme Court is now 153 years old. The last attempt to expand it for political gain was then-President Franklin Roosevelt’s failed effort in 1937. Roosevelt’s gambit was so blatantly political that even his overwhelming Democratic majority in Congress rebuffed him.
Yet now “court-packing” is a law school cause celebre. It is hailed as a supposedly quick fix to reverse the current 5-4 conservative majority
Recently, a rough draft of an opinion purportedly overturning the Roe v. Wade decision that had legalized abortion in all 50 states was leaked to the media by someone inside the court.
That insider leak of a draft opinion was a first in the modern history of the Supreme Court. It violated all court protocols. Yet it was met with stunning approval from the American left.
The leaker either intended to create a preemptive public backlash against the purported court majority in the hope that one or two justices might cave and switch under pressure — or to gin up the progressive base to fend off a likely disaster in the November midterm elections.
The recent leak, however, is consistent with a left-wing assault on the court that has intensified over the last five years. Democrats have gone ballistic ever since former Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump’s appointees solidified a conservative majority. During Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings in 2018, protesters stormed the Senate chambers. The left rallied behind the now-convicted felon Michael Avenatti, who publicized crazy, wildly untrue charges about a teenage Kavanagh. --->READ MORE HERE
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Here Are The Democrats Using The Leaked Dobbs Opinion As An Excuse To Demand Court-Packing
Democrats will do everything in their power, including destroying the American judicial system, to get their way.
Democrats have long threatened to pack the Supreme Court with additional activist judges that would do the left’s bidding without hesitation. Now that the court appears poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, Democrats are ignoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s belief that nine is “a good number,” and calling for adding extra justices.
On the campaign trail, Biden repeatedly refused to state his beliefs about court-packing. While he once called the unprecedented practice a “bonehead idea,” he did create a court-packing commission to evaluate just how useful it would be to his administration to add justices.
That commission later admitted its members “are divided on whether Court expansion would be wise.”
Meanwhile, here are the Democrats who are using the leaked Dobbs opinion to demand that Biden and Congress pack the Supreme Court.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has long advocated for his party to exercise their “constitutional right” to pack the court when the time is right. Now that Roe is on the line, Schumer said it’s time to act.
“Given the conservative court majority is likely to be around for a while, do Democrats need to look more seriously at court expansion?” a reporter asked Schumer earlier this week. --->READ MORE HERE
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