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FBI Comes Calling, Terrifies Mom of Three Who Spoke Out at School Board Meeting; Republicans Say FBI Used Anti-Terror Tools to Target Outspoken Parents; House Republicans Say They've Uncovered a 'Smoking Gun' Relating to FBI's Investigations of Concerned Parents, and related stories

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FBI comes calling, terrifies mom of three who spoke out at school board meeting:
At a school board meeting last fall, a woman approached the podium to complain to school board members about the longtime COVID-19 closure at her children’s elementary school.
School officials had shuttered the school for 40 consecutive days, frustrating and angering parents in the district.
She told the board, “We are coming for you,” which she later said was intended not as a threat, but to warn school board members that voters would kick them out in the next election.
Then the FBI called her.
“The mom was terrified to be contacted by the FBI,” Tiffany Justice, founder of Moms for Liberty, a parental rights group that is representing the mom, told The Washington Times.
“I think this is an effort to silence and vilify parents,” Ms. Justice said.
The woman’s identity has been concealed by Moms for Liberty for her safety. She was caught up in an FBI program that whistleblowers inside the agency say used counterterrorism resources to go after dozens of parents who crossed their school boards or teachers unions. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans say FBI used anti-terror tools to target outspoken parents:
House Republicans say they have evidence from FBI whistleblowers that the bureau used anti-terrorism tools to investigate parents who were critical of school boards’ COVID-19 policies despite assurances from Attorney General Merrick Garland to lawmakers that such probes would not be conducted.
“In sworn testimony before this Committee, you denied that the Department of Justice or its components were using counterterrorism statutes and resources to target parents at school board meetings,” Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, wrote to Garland on Wednesday.
Jordan (R-Ohio) said the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division created a “threat tag” to track investigations into parents who spoke at school boards in opposition to vaccine and mask mandates even though they were exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.
The Ohio congressman said the use of the threat tag followed a controversial memo the Justice Department released on Oct. 4, 2021, in response to the National School Boards Association’s appeal to use “counterterrorism tools, including the Patriot Act,” to target parents at school board meetings. --->READ MORE HERE
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