Saturday, May 14, 2022

COVID Cases Climb — yawn!; ‘Supply Chain Disruptions’ Are Not An Accident, They’re The Logical Result Of Stupid Lockdowns, and other C-Virus related stories

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COVID cases climb — yawn!
The number of positive test COVID-19 cases have spiked among attendees of the White House correspondents’ dinner, and headlines from newspapers the nation over have been sounding the alarms, raising a ruckus, blaring the warnings.
But here’s the thing: So what?
So freaking what?
It’s high time members of the media stopped their seemingly endless shrieking about test positives, case counts, COVID-19 positive test cases. The numbers are meaningless, absent context. The numbers only matter when put into a comparative analysis that shows how many catch the virus versus how many die versus how many recover — and even then, the deaths have to be further put to another comparative analysis of excess deaths. That is to say: How many more people died this year, this month, in this particular span of time versus the previous year, previous month, previous particular span of time?
The overage is the telling number.
And here’s the thing: We already know the coronavirus has about a 99% recovery rate.
So why the media hysteria? --->READ MORE HERE
‘Supply Chain Disruptions’ Are Not An Accident, They’re The Logical Result Of Stupid Lockdowns:
In Joe Biden’s painful and inaccurate speech about inflation on Tuesday, he finally shifted from blaming racism for everything to blaming Covid for everything to now blaming “the supply chain” and “Mr. Putin’s war in Ukraine” (that Biden baited Putin into) for everything.
These “supply chain disruptions,” as everyone is painfully aware, are doing everything from starving babies to shooting up the price of everything, as Wednesday’s 8.3 percent annual inflation number affirmed again. They are also not random, and they’re not a virus’s fault. They’re the direct and foreseeable consequence of ill-advised global lockdowns that nearly all of our nation’s political leaders refused to take into account when they and corporate media colluded to gaslight the world into accepting them.
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