Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Border Crossings Soar Despite Judge's 0rder Maintaining Title 42; US Border Migrant Crossings Surge Despite Title 42 Remaining in Place

Border crossings soar despite judge's order maintaining Title 42:
Huge numbers of people illegally crossed the border from Mexico over the weekend despite a federal judge’s order Friday that the Biden administration maintain the pandemic rule Title 42 for turning away migrants.
The wild weekend at the border illustrates the significant confusion already caused by the Biden administration's decision to lift Title 42, as well as the scale of the migration problem facing the country.
Republicans and some Democrats had initially breathed a sigh of relief Friday evening after U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays of the Western District of Louisiana ruled that the Biden administration would have to keep in place Title 42, a public health measure that has allowed border officials to turn away illegal immigrants immediately amid the pandemic rather than take them into custody. Republicans and administration officials anticipated that large numbers of migrants just across the border would try to cross as soon as Title 42 ended, overwhelming already strained border enforcement.
But even though Title 42 was kept in place, migration still surged. In parts of the border, such as western Arizona, U.S. border officials saw more people crossing and surrendering to agents than in any time before. Apprehensions by the Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona, jumped from around 1,000 per day in April to 1,285 in the 24-hour span that ended Saturday morning, according to federal data shared with the Washington Examiner.
On Saturday, roughly 1,300 people were apprehended in Yuma. The number jumped again Sunday to nearly 1,500, according to Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines, who toured the border with media Monday. --->READ MORE HERE
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US border migrant crossings surge despite Title 42 remaining in place:
Despite a federal judge’s ruling last week that kept the Title 42 health order in place at the southern border, illegal crossings into Texas and Arizona from Mexico surged over the weekend, according to a new report.
Federal data obtained by the Washington Examiner revealed that apprehensions made by Border Patrol officials in Yuma, Ariz. spiked from 1,000 per day in April to 1,285 in a 24-hour-period that ended Saturday morning.
Over the course of Saturday, roughly 1,300 people were apprehended in Yuma, with nearly 1,500 taken in on Sunday.
Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines confirmed the border encounter numbers to The Post on Tuesday, saying his county has seen a “more diverse crowd” of migrants “than ever before.”
While the Monday encounter numbers were not available at the time of writing, Lines revealed that a large number of the migrants crossing the border over the previous 48 hours were from Belarus, Russia, China, Nepal, Uzbekistan and the Republic of Georgia.
“Most have decided to come in the last few weeks,” Lines said, adding that the migrants he encountered were aware Title 42 remained in place. --->READ MORE HERE
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