Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Biden’s Plan to Enable Everyone in the World to Apply for Asylum in the US: Understanding how the border catastrophe happened, and how much worse it will become; Poll: Voters Blame Biden for Border Woes

Biden’s Plan to Enable Everyone in the World to Apply for Asylum in the U.S.:
Understanding how the border catastrophe happened, and how much worse it will become
I recently explained that the Biden administration — in a break with every previous one — no longer has a policy of deterring illegal entrants. That, coupled with the president’s policy of ignoring statutory mandates directing the detention of illegal migrants, has triggered the biggest border catastrophe in U.S. history. The scope of that catastrophe is overwhelming, but it will become much worse once the administration follows through on its plan to enable everyone in the world to apply for asylum in the United States.
The Deterrence Shift. My analysis of the Biden administration’s shift of U.S. border policy away from a deterrence strategy omitted one key piece of evidence: Statements made by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Fox News Sunday on May 1.
Host Bret Baier asked Mayorkas whether it is “the objective of the Biden administration to reduce, sharply reduce the total number of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border? Is that the objective?”
Mayorkas responded: “It is the objective of the Biden administration to make sure that we have safe, orderly, and legal pathways for individuals to be able to access our legal system.” I will return to that latter point in a moment, but there is no clearer evidence that deterring illegal migrants is off the table as border policy in this administration.
“Orderly, Legal Pathways for People to Obtain Relief”. Seemingly contradicting himself, however, the secretary next contended: “We are against irregular migration. We are against individuals taking a perilous journey, putting their lives in the hands of the smugglers, and trying to enter the United States between the ports of entry.”
The only way to deter “irregular migration”, however, is to deter the “irregular migrants”. And given that those migrants are coming to the United States illegally to live and work in this country indefinitely, the only way to deter them is to either detain them (as the law requires) or to send them back across the border to await their removal hearings.
That latter option was the one chosen by the Trump administration when it implemented the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP, better known as “Remain in Mexico”) during the “border emergency” in FY 2019. MPP worked, but the Biden administration is currently in the Supreme Court fighting an effort by the states of Texas and Missouri to force it to continue “Remain in Mexico” (which Mayorkas wants to end).
If detention is off the table, and MPP in bad odor at the Biden White House, then what is Mayorkas’ plan? --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana
Voters blame Biden for border woes, poll shows:
Voters overwhelmingly want stiffer enforcement of America’s immigration laws and a clear majority says President Biden’s border policies have sparked a drug surge that has cost lives, according to new polling.
By nearly a 2-1 margin, voters also say if Mr. Biden follows through on ending the Title 42 pandemic policy that allowed some illegal immigrants to be expelled quickly back to Mexico, “the border will be open.”
The survey, sponsored by the conservative Senate Opportunity Fund and conducted by OnMessage Inc., also found voters across the ideological spectrum believe the U.S. is headed for an economic recession.
The data, which is shared with GOP senators and conservative leaders, paints a grim picture for Democrats who face voters this year amid fierce headwinds, some of their own making. The Senate Opportunity Fund on its website says that part of its mission is to “conduct national and state polling so conservatives can talk to constituents and media in clear, concise messages that resonate.”
That’s particularly true for the border, where 62% of those surveyed agreed with the statement that the president’s “failure” to constrain drugs crossing the southern border “has directly led to increases in crime and overdose deaths,” compared to just 27% disagreed. --->READ MORE HERE
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