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Biden’s Craven Fear-Mongering Over COVID-19 is All About Money; Amid new surge, Gov. Charlie Baker Resists Mask Mandate Call, Says COVID is ‘akin to the flu’, and other C-Virus related stories

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Biden’s craven fear-mongering over COVID-19 is all about money:
In the very early days of COVID-19, even before the worldwide spread had begun prompting its classification as a “pandemic,” one group of researchers put out a devastating prediction of what they said was about to happen.
“One critical report, published on March 16, 2020, received international attention when it predicted 2,200,000 deaths in the USA and 510,000 deaths in the UK without some kind of coordinated pandemic response. This information became foundational in decisions to implement physical distancing and adherence to other public health measures because it established the upper boundary for any worst-case scenarios,” Lancet reported at the time.
The report came from the Imperial College London and prompted much action in the U.S., including, as cited above, the distancing that has become de rigueur, but also widespread lockdowns and masks mandates.
That prediction never happened. The U.S. last week marked a grim milestone — 1 million Americans dead either from or “with” COVID-19 — but that’s less than half of what the college said would happen. In Britain, the total stands just above 190,000 dead, according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering. --->READ MORE HERE
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Amid new surge, Gov. Charlie Baker resists mask mandate call, says COVID is ‘akin to the flu’:
Gov. Charlie Baker touted Massachusetts’ high vaccination rate — including among vulnerable residents at greater risk of developing serious coronavirus-related complications — as he again resisted calls Thursday to reinstate COVID-19 safeguards to tamp down the commonwealth’s rising caseload.
More than 80% of adult residents are vaccinated against COVID, with around half of that demographic also boosted, Baker said during a press conference in Boston following a National Governors Association event focused on computer science education.
Meanwhile, the vaccination rate among seniors exceeds 95%, Baker said.
“COVID is a very transmissible virus, and each new strain appears to be as transmissible or more so than the one before,” Baker said. “But I think at this point in time, for most people — especially those who are vaccinated — their experience with COVID is something akin to the flu. And I think that’s an important piece to remember and remind people.” --->READ MORE HERE
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