Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Biden Seeks Green Cards for More than 85,000 Afghans Amid Vetting Failures; White House Pushes for Afghan Refugee Relief After Visas Drop by 91%

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Biden Seeks Green Cards for More than 85,000 Afghans Amid Vetting Failures:
President Joe Biden is seeking to provide green cards to tens of thousands of Afghans who were quickly resettled in American communities over the last eight months amid a federal investigation that found many have possible ties to terrorism and were not properly vetted.
The quasi-amnesty plan is slipped into a funding request where Biden is asking Congress to approve $33 billion in American taxpayer money to send to Ukraine.
As part of the plan, Afghans given humanitarian parole by the Biden administration would be allowed to adjust their immigration status to obtain lawful permanent residence, otherwise known as a green card. After five years of holding a green card, the Afghans would be able to apply for naturalized American citizenship.
“The Secretary of Homeland Security, in the Secretary’s discretion, may adjust the status of an Afghan national … whose parole has not been terminated, to that of an individual lawfully admitted for permanent residence provided that the Afghan national,” the plan states.
Dan Stein with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said in a statement that the plan is simply another effort by Biden “to blow holes in our already crippled immigration system.”
“These are not people who lent material support to U.S. forces during the 20 years we spent in Afghanistan,” Stein said. “Rather, many are random people who arrived in the United States after the Taliban takeover, and were admitted under the Biden administration’s widely abused power of parole.” --->READ MORE HERE
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White House Pushes for Afghan Refugee Relief After Visas Drop by 91%:
The Biden administration is pushing for a pathway to permanent U.S. residency for Afghan refugees as the number of visas granted to former interpreters and others who worked with the military dipped dramatically after the August withdrawal.
The drop-off in Afghan visa approvals has left tens of thousands of former allies in limbo after the Taliban takeover, as Americans now focus on the plight of Ukrainians caught in a new European war.
The number of special immigrant visas, or SIVs, granted to those Afghans fell from 1,292 in July through September to just 117 over the following three months -- a 91% drop, according to the latest figures released last month. The large decrease came as the number of remaining visa applications that the State Department has to process stays steady at about 16,500, which is likely only a fraction of the Afghans still awaiting a visa.
The White House sent a request to Congress on Friday for legislation giving Afghan refugees a path to legal permanent residence after being in the U.S. for a year, according to a White House spokesperson. Advocates say it could also ease the major backlog of visa applicants. --->READ MORE HERE
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