Thursday, May 19, 2022

Biden Border Policy Pits US Babies Against Migrant Infants; Biden to Tackle Baby Formula Crisis by Blaming Everyone Else; Baby Formula Shortage Could Drag on for Rest of 2022, Warns Major Manufacturer, and related stories

Biden border policy pits US babies against migrant infants: immigration expert Andrew ‘Art’ Arthur:
The Biden administration’s botched border policies are creating a “zero-sum dilemma” that’s pitting US babies against migrant infants in detention during the nationwide formula shortage, a top immigration expert told The Post on Friday.
Photos of dozens of boxes of baby formula at a migrant processing facility near the US-Mexico border sparked outrage Thursday as some Republican lawmakers accused the government of “stockpiling” the product for illegal immigrants.
Even though American parents are struggling to get their hands on formula for their babies, the administration is also legally obligated to feed and care for those it has amassed in its custody at the border, including migrant infants, experts noted.
” ‘Zero-sum’ really is the best way to describe this,” said Andrew “Art” Arthur, a fellow on law and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, to The Post.
“It’s a zero-sum dilemma pitting the needs of infants and their parents in [Department of Homeland Security] custody at the border against the needs of infants and their parents in the United States.”
Arthur said the failure to stop the flow of immigrants across the border is contributing to the baby-formula crisis — and it’s only expected to worsen when the Biden administration lifts Title 42, a Trump-era health regulation put in place that allowed migrants to be turned away at the US border to stem the spread of COVID-19. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden to Tackle Baby Formula Crisis by Blaming Everyone Else:
Good news.
The Biden administration, after being asked about the baby formula crisis at press conferences, has come out with a plan to tackle it by blaming everyone else.
The official White House press release consists of three points. The first two, which in terms of sheer size take up some 80% of the document, can be broken down into blaming the states for the crisis and then blaming companies for the crisis.
The last and the shortest paragraph, and the only halfway useful one, says that the FDA will look into the feasibility of importing baby formula.
Meanwhile, MSNBC commentator Jen Psaki claimed at a White House press conference that the real issue was "hoarding". --->READ MORE HERE
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