Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Mouse that Whored: Disney sets a trap for children

The Mouse that Roared is a 1959 comedy film about a mouse-sized country (the Duchy of Grand Fenwick) that decides to solve its money problems by declaring war on America, then surrendering, then reaping the financial aid that America always bestows on its defeated enemies.
“The Mouse that Whored” is a contemporary true story about a giant entertainment company (built around the character of an animated mouse) that has declared war on American parents. The monster-sized mouse corporation has no intention of surrendering. On the contrary it expects you to surrender your children to it.
It has a good chance of success because many American parents have already half-surrendered their children to the mouse.
In addition to its obvious sexual meaning, the word “whore” can also mean selling out one’s principles for the sake of obtaining fame, fortune, or power. Thus, an unprincipled actor may be said to be “whoring” after celebrity.
Disney has sold-out its family-oriented principles for the sake of more money and more influence. At first, this seems counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t Disney lose lots of money once its family base discovered that it is actually anti-family?
Not necessarily. As Daniel Greenfield points out in a recent piece, half of Disney’s movie business is targeted at “adults with no children.” Even more surprising, 60 % of Disneyland visitors were adults with no children, and only 37% of visitors to Disney World had children under 18. “The largest demographic for the theme parks like the movies,” says Greenfield, “are millennials.”
Moreover, writes Greenfield, “Disney’s new demographic are adults who have never properly grown up and on some level still think of themselves as children.” Like Peter Pan, the storybook character that Disney has capitalized on over the years, the millennials and Gen Z refuse, at least in many respects, to grow up.
The new LGBTQ-friendly Disney has been described as having an anti-family agenda. But its agenda is both broader and deeper than most suppose. It’s not simply about introducing more gay, lesbian, and trans characters and themes into its stories. Although that is certainly a slap in the face of traditional families, the anti-family agenda is more profound than that.
Functioning families help children to grow up, whereas the newly woke Disney wants them to remain children. Traditionally, growing-up meant getting married, having children, and taking responsibility for the care and growth of those children. For most people, getting married and having children was the main way of finding meaning and purpose in life.
An adult’s life is centered largely on others; a child’s life is centered largely on self. Consequently, grown-ups who “still think of themselves as children“will be reluctant to get married, and even more reluctant to have children. Having children greatly limits one’s ability to remain a child.
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