Friday, April 15, 2022

Texas Strikes Deal with Mexican State to Police Border; Texas Gov. Greg Abbott scales back border inspections with Nuevo Leon state after agreement with its Governor

AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File
Texas strikes deal with Mexican state to police border:
A Mexican governor promised Wednesday to deploy his own police to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he’ll cancel some of the enhanced commercial traffic inspections that had clogged the ports of entry into the state.
Nuevo Leon Gov. Samuel Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda said that means checkpoints on his side of the border, and his police patrolling the Rio Grande, to turn back illegal activity.
“Our 14-kilometer border with Texas be continuously patrolled by our police,” he said in a meeting with Mr. Abbott.
Mr. Abbott said Texas officials have verified that the new checks are working.
“The report I received last night … said they observed no activity crossing the river whatsoever, during the timespan they observed it,” the governor said.
Mr. Abbott said he’s trying to strike similar agreements with other Mexican governors, but until then the enhanced inspections along the rest of the state’s border will continue. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott scales back border inspections with Nuevo Leon state
Texas is scaling back truck inspections at its shared border crossing with the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon after both governors signed a memorandum of understanding to improve border security.
But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the enhanced inspections would continue at all other border crossings leading to his state until he gets assurances from Mexican leaders they will step up security measures.
Those inspections conducted by the Texas Department of Public safety so far have revealed safety violations – from faulty brakes to bad tires – in one in four trucks checked. Those trucks have been taken off Texas roads, he said.
“As per the agreement today […] DPS can return to its previous practice of random checks, in this bridge from Nuevo Leon to Texas, effective immediately. It will remain this way as long as Nuevo Leon abides by this agreement,” Abbott said at a news conference with Nuevo Leon Gov. Samuel Garcia.
Garcia promised to increase police presence along the small stretch of border that Nuevo Leon and Texas share.
“We have begun a series of checkpoints on our border, on our river to make sure our 14 kilometers with Texas will be continuously patrolled by our police,” Garcia said. --->READ MORE HERE
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