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Russia rocked by two huge explosions as fuel depot erupts in flames after 'Ukraine strike'; Fire rages at Russian fuel depot after suspected UKR missile strikes; Russia’s Lies About Ukraine: And why many American conservatives are buying and spreading them, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Russia rocked by two huge explosions as fuel depot erupts in flames after 'Ukraine strike':
MULTIPLE EXPLOSIONS at an oil depot have triggered a major fire in the Russian city of Bryansk, near the Ukrainian border.
A large blaze raged through the area of the Druzhba oil depot, with some reports indicating it could be a possible Ukrainian attack on an oil pipeline transporting oil from Russia to Europe through Ukraine and Belarus. A second fuel tank explosion was reported by local state media in Bryansk at a "military unit".
The Russian state news agency TASS reported that oil tanks caught fire at the oil depot in Bryansk at around 2am Moscow time.
The government press office commented: "The Emergency Situations Ministry has confirmed there’s a fire."
It added: "There’s also a confirmation that it’s the fuel tanks."
In an update, the state news agency said no casualties had been reported at the Druzhba facility. --->READ MORE HERE
Fire rages at Russian fuel depot after suspected Ukrainian missile strikes:
A massive fire erupted Monday at an oil storage facility and logistics hub in the Russian city of Bryansk, emergency authorities said.
Footage on social media showed a wall of flames raging around a giant fuel reservoir after what sounded like two explosions about 100 miles northeast of Ukraine,
Another video showed what looked like another fire burning at a second location in Bryansk.
Reuters reported that it was unable to verify the clips.
The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations said no one was hurt in the incident, which would be investigated.
The ministry said there was no need to evacuate any parts of Bryansk, a city of 400,000 people, after the blaze broke out about 2 a.m. local time at the Transneft Bryansk-Druzhba facility owned by oil pipeline company Transneft.
The depot is also being used to shore up Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s forces, according to The Telegraph.
Rob Lee, of King’s College London’s war studies department, told the outlet the targets were within range of a Tochka-U ballistic missile if deployed near the border. --->READ MORE HERE
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